Announcing Mozy 2.0 For Mac!

Here at Mozy, we’re proud of our Mac legacy. We were the first online backup company to offer online backup to Mac, and we’re still dedicated to providing the very best online backup experience that you can get on your Apple computer. So with that said, we’re excited to announce our latest Mac client release: Mozy 2.0 for Mac! This release includes:

  • Mozy 2.0 for MacAn all-new design that fits seamlessly with the overall Apple user experience.
  • A new and better settings and configuration experience.
  • An easy on/off switch for automatic backups
  • A new query builder to make creating advanced backup rules incredibly easy.
  • A new and improved setup assistant to make your Mozy install even simpler.
  • Additional information is now available in the status bar menu – things like the ability to see the last 20 files that were backed up and the next 20 files to be backed up – all with the click of your mouse.
  • Better file scanning leveraging the existing awesomeness of the Leopard and Snow Leopard OS.
  • Overall speed and stability improvements.
  • And much, much more!

So go ahead and check out the download link, or just wait for your client to autoupdate, and enjoy the new awesomeness that is Mozy 2.0 for Mac:

MozyHome 2.0 for Mac

MozyPro 2.0 for Mac

You can learn more about the Mozy 2.0 for Mac release at our Mozy 2.0 for Mac page. As always, we welcome your feedback and questions, so feel free to post a comment or submit to the Mozy Customer Portal.

Thanks for backing up with us, and be safe!

  • Jamie Middleton

    Good job on updating the new awesomeness for the Mac. I’m gonna download it now. I found this announcement via twitter.

  • Chuck Platt

    I just downloaded the update for Mozy on my Mac. It is definitely way easier to us. I will write about it on my blog. Thanks Mozy!!!!!

  • Simon

    Great, nice to see the elimination of the and having everything unified under the System Preferences.

    Unfortunately the system preference panel crashes under MacOS X 10.6.5.

    Advise people turn off Automatic updates if your Mozy hasn’t yet upgraded from 1.x to 2.0 and wait for Mozy to rectify….guessing the recent release of 10.6.5 may not have given the developers time to test adequately. In any case, it is a busted system at this time.

  • charles Plotkin

    Since I have had your service, I am not aware of when and if backups \hve occurred. Am I supposed to activate backups, or do you do them automatically?

  • http://none cora tula watters

    Why did you take my money (after I asked you not to) and then give me no service at all? There is something wrong with how you have done business with me. Please explain. I feel you should return my money immediately.

  • Stephen Withers

    The Advanced selection criteria sounded really useful as I want to screen out files with names ending in ~.txt (TextEdit backup files) but the preference pane won’t let me enter ~ as part of the string.

  • Frank Hoffman

    After installation, It keeps crashing system preferences on startup (5 times so far). I will try to re-install the old version, if I can find it.

  • Mary Galbraith

    And still no Linux client

  • James Taylor

    I was automatically upgraded to MozyHome 2.0. The user interface looks nice enough, but it seems to have broken my back-ups. Now it just hangs. I imagine this isn’t an isolated issue. Please try to work through the bugs quickly so we can get our backups up and running again.

  • MICHAEL peckitt

    How do I know when you back up? What do you tell me?

  • Olivier

    Hello, what about 2xProtect for Mac?
    I was expecting this feature in the 2.0 release… ?!

  • Kevin Meredith

    One of my machines updated its self. Its nice, pause is a great touch especially when BBC iPlayer gets twitchy! can’t wait to get other bang up to date!

  • Chris

    How ’bout Mozy on Linux?

  • Forrest

    Right now one of the things Mozy has that makes me want to use it more than the competition is it has a PPC version. However, it’s very resource intensive and could use the interface overhaul seen in 2.0. When will Mozy 2.0 for PPC be released?

  • Blaine

    Please bring back the transfer status window. I liked looking at it :)

  • hoove

    Any sign of better filevault support?

  • Jim

    Upgrade crashes. I haven’t had a backup in 5 days. Please fix these critical bugs ASAP.

    Everyone else should avoid v2 for Mac until it’s stable.

  • Valerie

    There needs to be some English speaking technicians that we can ACTUALLY speak to. This e-mailing questions back and forth when there is a slight vocabulary barrier, is for the birds. NEVER being able to speak to a real person may be the way of the future, but I have found it incredibly frustrating.

  • JayInLA

    Really lousy product, guys. Repeatedly crashes or hangs System Preferences. When it does actually work in System Preferences, it is slow and frequently does not show the correct status for most files. You completely broke the product you were trying to fix with 2.0.

    To top it off, you can’t update your password in the product now without completely jumping thru hoops. Not only poorly engineered, but really poorly designed.

    So far, I have been a Mozy subscriber for over two years. I don’t think Mozy has done a reliable backup for me on a consistent basis for more than about 2 months at a stretch.

    I am on a standard Intel iMac running 10.5.8. If I can’t get it to work right, who can?

  • Stefan

    Hello, any project to release an iPhone/iPad app in order to be able to access files from any of those devices?

    Would be fantastic.
    Thank you

  • Steve

    The 2.0 update crashes every time I bring it up in System Preferences. Looking at Activity Monitor, the Mozy process is causing a lot of CPU utilization with no results. Something very bad going on here.