Comcast Launches Secure Backup & Share (Powered By Mozy)

One of the things we hear about a lot is that customers want to do more with their data than just back it up. Well, today Comcast is announcing the release of Secure Backup & Share, an easy and safe way for customers to share and preserve their digital files. This service is awesome for multiple reasons, including:

  • Data backup – Comcast customers will be able to back up their essential files to a remote, secure location via the Internet. All Comcast customers will receive a complementary 2GB account with their subscription, with additional storage plans available.
  • Online access – Comcast customers’ backed-up files can be accessed and restored via the Internet – any time, anywhere.
  • Sharing – Once their data is backed up, users will be able to share photos, documents, music, and videos with family and friends via an easy-to-use dashboard that’s available across multiple devices.
  • One more thing – did we mention that this new service is powered by Mozy?

We’re thrilled to be able to partner with an industry giant like Comcast, and we’re looking forward to being able to provide the peace of mind and convenience of online data backup and sharing to their 15 million customers, starting today.

  • Matt Katawicz

    Is the share feature available for non-Comcast Mozy subscribers?

  • Marlon

    Will any of the sharing features in this new service be ported to the Mozy itself? Also, I am having a hard time with the value proposition of this new service: if I pay $4.95 per month for regular Mozy service I get unlimited storage, but for $.4.99 I only get 50GB with the Comcast version. Why not just use Mozy, instead? And since I am a Mac user, I don’t have to wait.

  • nate

    The share features on Comcast are not available to current Mozy subscribers at this time. That’s all I can say for now. :)

  • Jodi Tucker

    I cannot log into my account and I cannot get Support at Mozy to respond to me!!!! What kind of customer support requires a log in??? How are you supposed to get support if your problem is Log In. Will someone PLEASE contact me…I have left several emails. I need my files restored.

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