Frightful Computer Haiku Contest Winners

Five hundred entries
Who would have imagined it?!
Difficult to choose

Some made us chuckle
Some cleverly created
Some were just out there

But we loved them all!
Thanks for the entertainment
And sharing your skills

Announcing the three
Winners of cash and great fame!

  • System seems cozy
    Until malware is nosey
    Glad I have mozy
    -David von Arb
  • Found secret e-mails,
    So his lap top learned to fly.
    Hope he had mozy.
    -Holly Lemieux
  • Drive fried, files Inside
    with many thanks to mozy
    for saving my hide
    -A Segal

And other favorites
No cash, but a little fame
Were also favorites

  • Deleted work files
    Adventurous nine year old
    No match for Mozy
    -Karen Webb
  • Where for art thou files?
    Six feet under dead and cold
    Should have got MOZY
  • Nothing. Nada. Zilch.
    Once desktop but now doorstop.
    All memory gone.
    -Linda Johnson
  • The hot blond’s email
    is somewhere on my hard drive.
    Backup for true love.
    -David Fink
  • Photos fill our lives
    Shh, it happens to hard drives
    Mozy rescues all
    -Stew Stryker
  • What was lost is found
    Mozy down Memory Lane
    Order is restored
    -Kathy Nichols
  • Mozy lets me save
    my cat, Phil, from a house fire
    and leave my PC
    -Marci Nelson
  • Mozy: My hero
    Until this awful contest
    Made me like Haiku
    -Pat Finnegan
  • Is this email real?
    “Hello from your old Girlfreind.”
    Boot Sector is fried.
    -Ron Oliver
  • Not just kilobytes
    My life’s work and memories
    Locked in a dead box
  • I smell the ozone,
    Smokey tendrils from the fan,
    Was that my last click?
    -Steve Goodger
  • Notebook slides from lap
    Does not land like falling leaf
    Autumn brings no joy
    -Wendy Magnall
  • Hard drive hacks hair-ball
    Bits vanish into ether
    “No backup”, I wail
    -rich coco
  • If my computer
    had a mouth, i would punch it
    Please help me Mozy
    -Kevin Elam
  • Derek Swiderski

    Congrats to all :)

    just sorta odd that a few of the actual winners (although enjoyable) are not Haiku’s

    A haiku is a non-rhymed verse genre —> where its clearly those two winners are rhyming
    but regardlesss ….was great to have a contest like this

    Thanks mozy :)

  • Holly Lemieux

    Rockin’ out with my haiku out. :D

    Mad haiku skill set
    Won me one hundred dollars
    Hello shopping mall

    But seriously, Thanks Mozy for the fun contest!

  • Mark Grossan

    Mozy like fun
    Customers need help
    Mozy offers no help

  • Fiona

    I like Wendy’s! And Holly’s acceptance haiku. LOL

  • Pat Finnegan

    I think the entry from Wendy Magnall was the closest in form and spirit to true haiku. Good work Wendy, you would have had my vote!

  • Tom Doan

    Wendy’s takes the cake.
    All in all a great contest!
    Thanks again, Mozy.