Frightful Computer Haiku Contest

What? You haven’t thought of haikus since the 5th grade?! Well, that changes now. We want to see your best Frightful Computer Haiku, and we’re giving 100 bucks to our three favorites. Need a refresher on how to create a haiku? It’s simple. Line one is five syllables, line two is seven syllables, and line three is five syllables. Here’s one of our own as an example:

My hard drive hiccups
Fear for our precious photos
Wife would have my head!

To submit your Frightful Computer Haiku, add it as a comment on this blog post. If you really want to get us to notice them, post them to Facebook or Twitter with a link back to our blog post (use the hashtag #mozyhaiku if you’re on Twitter)! Good luck and get original! We’ll post winners on Friday, October 29, 2010. One entry per person, please.

  • Elise

    A very big man
    crushed my external hard drive.
    He can’t crush Mozy.

  • Betsy Clem

    The silver Cyclops
    with the azure eye slowly
    devours my term paper.

  • Susan Joy

    Wrote down all my dreams
    Ten years all gone in a flash
    Backed up though . . . Mozy!

  • Gary Anderson

    Bye bye mother board
    No problem thanks to Mozy
    All files safe and sound.

  • Zeta Anderson

    The blue screen of death.
    Oh why did I not back up?
    Mozy where are you!

  • Deirdre Barlaz

    Even dinosaurs
    Lose a lot yet learn new tricks
    Mozy for Mid Age

  • Greg Weis

    Staring at the screen,
    waiting for the page to change.
    How long my life is!

  • don willey

    mother board is hot
    all aboard the scuzzy bus
    blue screen of death nears

  • Catherine DeLorey

    Sitting before you
    Caressing you with great hope
    Fulfillment is near

  • Penelope Randolph

    For homonyms, HELP!
    Spellcheck cant say witch word works.
    Two to bad four yew.

  • Penelope Randolph

    As an English teacher, I stress spelling and teach the usual homonyms trying to help students distinguish between them. Several dictated sentences (and ensuing corrections) usually suffice.

    1. Two heads are too many to hold.
    2. Which witch ate the sandwich?
    3. You’re your own best friend.
    4. Where were the boots we’re wearing now?
    5. They’re glad there car is there.
    6. For four dollars, you can buy bad poems by me.

  • Som Bhattacharya

    Music is my muse
    Much too precious to lose
    Mozy saves the boos.

  • Rafael

    My hard drive is dead
    Years of work are almost lost
    Mozy saved the day

  • Debbie Hacker

    I wish for Mozy
    After I have lost everything
    What was I thinking

  • Hannah Searcy

    Spooky project due
    My silly computer crashed
    Mozy had my back

  • Yosh Mantinband

    King’s horses, King’s men,
    Egg repair is easier,
    Bits vanish for good

  • Jonathan Groner

    PC DOA,
    Mozy, A-OK.

  • Rodson

    beads of sweat appear
    disaster is imminent
    mozy…my hero

  • Clara Balmer

    As the screen goes black
    I can’t help but wish, instead
    My abacus crashed

  • R Michael B

    Malevolent eyes
    Nasty scourge purged, files restored
    Priceless peace of mind

  • R Michael B

    Probably meant “They’re glad their car is there”… ?

    How about, “For forty-four dollars, you can buy bad poems by me.”

  • Christie Pride

    EEK! Did I backup?
    The system is acting odd…
    Please, oh please don’t crash!

  • John Borta

    Life, virtual life
    With a crash we lose it all
    Backup breathes anew

  • dennis costa

    Crucial Stuff, Data
    Fickle as Computers Are
    Who has your back (up)

  • Pam Stucky

    Hungry file zombies
    gorge on my Mac: nom nom nom
    nothing left behind

  • Karin Hartunian Koukeyan

    Hard drive howls tonight
    Screen saver flicks on then dies
    Screaming mother flees.

  • Curtis K

    House destroyed by fire
    Even lost backup hard drive
    Mozy rescued me

  • Michael Woods

    Tea seeps between keys
    Hard drive screams in silent dread

  • Rhys Llewellyn


    I scream at blue screen
    Please! Some alternate venues
    Countdown continues

  • Ryan Mackowiak

    The white screen of death
    moments of sweaty panic
    Ah, my stuff is safe

  • Ryan Mackowiak

    The blue screen of death
    moments of sweaty panic
    Ah, my stuff is safe

  • Laurie Mackowiak

    Lightening hits the house
    Surge bar failed to do its job
    Yet nothing is lost

  • Joy Toperoff

    I-phone, ‘pod, ‘pad, ‘mac…
    technology paradise
    buds burst tendrils sprout

  • Kevin Elam

    If my computer
    had a mouth, i would punch it
    Please help me Mozy

  • VA Carlson

    midnight oil burning
    million buck novel done… no!!!
    Help! Mozy!… it’s back!!

  • Janice Mac Neal

    So many clever entries! Fun to read, and fun to write (my official entry is #366). In the spirit of this Halloween fun (thank you, Mozy), here, unofficially, are a few more haiku:

    HELL’S KITCHEN (five haiku stanzas)

    Stirred-up computer!
    Incantation and dark plot…
    Recipe for horror!

    “Seethe!” cackled the crone,
    Adding more ingredients….
    Bubb-ling term paper!

    “Hmm, needs a lot more….”
    Hand of evil stirs the brew.
    Plop! Portfolio!

    “Bellybuttons, yes!”
    Additions for the cauldron!
    Splash! Sweet baby pix!

    The thought tortures!
    Folders in some wicked grasp,
    Dropped into the boil!

    File boogeyman came.
    Computer never said boo.
    Now what do I do???

    Groans, moans, yes, bare bones.
    Without Mozy… folders gone!
    Coulda been smarter.

    Where’d my hard work go?
    Goblins gobbled up my files!
    Wish I’d used Mozy.

    Files gone, smashed, trampled?
    Pumpkin patch restored quickly
    With the Mozy vine.

    Computer demons!
    But Mozy makes me fearless….
    Sanctuaried files!

  • Alfred J. Garrotto

    Egad, ’tis all gone!
    Not to fret; I just mosey
    to my Mozy bank.

  • Brandon Young

    My heart skips a beat
    Carbonite won’t save some files
    Delete and get Mozy

  • Joyce H. Montanaro

    Computer freezes
    My world hangs in the balance
    Meeting is adjourned.

  • Ken Campbell

    My computer dies
    Mozy backup saves the day
    Life is good again

  • Jim Buckley

    Computer Crashes
    All my Data is Kaput
    Restore with Mozy

  • Maddie Solomon

    Scared faces that I’ve seen
    Were wearing a scary mask
    That was their real face

  • Margaret Lincoln

    Swine flu, bed bug bites
    Nothing gives me rashes
    Like hard drive crashes

  • Rick Majors

    Make a deposit
    memory bank transaction
    withdraw as needed.

    Computer crashes
    like a highway accident,
    traffic mozies on.

  • Mary Anne Hindle

    Frightful Computer Haiku – my submission

    Bought a new printer
    Wife wants me to set it up
    Who said “Men can’t read”

  • Raoul Carriere

    Software of all kinds
    Out of date the day you pay
    Just give me a pen

  • Mythi

    Mozy for Linux?
    Ubuntu or what have you?
    Make it happen, please!

  • Zoriocruz

    And the winners are??

  • Cory

    So many e-mails
    So little time in your day
    So what did it say?