Frightful Computer Haiku Contest

What? You haven’t thought of haikus since the 5th grade?! Well, that changes now. We want to see your best Frightful Computer Haiku, and we’re giving 100 bucks to our three favorites. Need a refresher on how to create a haiku? It’s simple. Line one is five syllables, line two is seven syllables, and line three is five syllables. Here’s one of our own as an example:

My hard drive hiccups
Fear for our precious photos
Wife would have my head!

To submit your Frightful Computer Haiku, add it as a comment on this blog post. If you really want to get us to notice them, post them to Facebook or Twitter with a link back to our blog post (use the hashtag #mozyhaiku if you’re on Twitter)! Good luck and get original! We’ll post winners on Friday, October 29, 2010. One entry per person, please.

  • Robb V.

    Happy Halloween!
    Oops, I didn’t get Mozy
    Scary Halloween!

  • Skip Loomis

    Time was not wasted
    Though my harddrive erased it
    Mozy replaced it!

  • Jerry Schneble

    When my drive went bad
    It was really depressing
    Now I am just sad

  • Gretchen Kirsch

    Virus infected
    Every damn thing is gone
    Pull trigger or jump?

  • Marci Nelson

    Mozy lets me save
    my cat, Phil, from a house fire
    and leave my PC

  • Shawn

    A Vampire’s curse
    erased my whole computer
    Or it was just old

  • Miles Ellis

    Blue Green and Yellow, RIGHT!
    Such a site, my eye’s a FRIGHT!

  • Sam Bissell

    Nightmares are vanquished:
    Mozy’s saving day’s work by
    Banishing Evil!

  • Mark Borchert

    Midnight, scary fright
    Monitor flashed with bright light
    Mozy saves alright

  • Darryl Sue

    Question mark blinks Mac
    Sweat, heart sinks, cringing, breathless
    Doom, tragedy, hope?

  • Pat Finnegan

    Lost in an eye-blink
    Documents I can’t replace
    I should have backed up

    Or, not-so-frightful version

    Lost in an eye-blink
    Documents I can’t replace
    Backed up with Mozy

  • Pat Finnegan

    Master’s thesis done
    My career riding on this
    Will it now be safe?

  • Daniel E.

    Laptop died so young
    But I need not be forlorn
    Mozy saved my porn!

  • Wilfredo Feliciano

    My screen has turned blue;
    that spells none but disaster.
    Thanks for my backup!

  • Wilfredo Feliciano

    My screen has turned blue;
    that spell none but disaster.
    Thanks for mu backup!

  • tracy

    How to write h-iku
    When computer won’t -llow
    Me to use the “-”?

  • Pat Finnegan

    Like Carrie at prom
    Laptop now drenched in coffee
    Mozy ending better

    Attack of killer
    Tomatoes come to destroy
    Mozy saves the day

    Vamps ate my homework
    Sucked them from my laptop’s drive
    Mozy is Buffy

    Mozy: My hero
    Until this awful contest
    Made me like Haiku

  • Pat Finnegan

    Got carried away.
    The Vamp one should be my entry.
    This was too much fun!

  • TMP

    My screen fades to white
    Touch pad is out of control!
    Thank you for Mozy.

  • Doug Russell

    E-tricks? Mozy treats.
    Ghosts of dead files won’t haunt me.
    Jack O’Lantern smiles.

  • Jeanne Zinser-Mandala

    Oh, what’s this what’s this
    Confusing messages
    Where’s my typewriter

  • Doc

    A sudden downpour
    my bag isn’t waterproof
    I’m afraid to look

    (true haiku should have some weather or nature image)

    Lightning strikes but once
    in the same place, doesn’t it?
    But once is enough

    My new computer
    safely hanging on my chair?
    gone with the wind

    Da’s data sits. O.
    S. flips minim. Spilf! S.O.
    S! ‘Tis a tad sad.

    (or “Das Data”)

  • David Ozenne

    A careless response
    I did not mean to click “Yes”
    The virus descends

  • Jeanne Zinser-Mandala

    Computer useful
    Writing virtual haiku
    OMG bliss

  • Kay Bailey

    The inbox is full
    My computer says NO MORE
    Which mail do I trash?

  • Eli K.

    ideas worded, typed
    banished from mind and machine
    virus had it’s way

  • Lynn Kramer

    How could I forget?
    My world in a computer
    Is now a blank slate!

  • Donna

    Most hated response
    Do you really want to end?
    I don’t have a clue

  • Daniel Goldfarb

    Data is crucial.
    My life work on a platter.
    If gone, who am I?

  • Tzvi Yisrael

    My laptop crapped out.
    I lost all my data and files.
    My Mozy saved the day.

  • Jack Lewis

    Worry restless nights
    I installed Mozy Backup
    Finely I can sleep

  • Wendy Post

    Spend more time fixing
    Things that weren’t broken before
    Updates fixed what worked.

  • MB Barrett

    Old emails abound
    Too much history of you
    Damn Mozy backup

  • Shaula Stephenson

    Only two apps open
    And yet you grind, whir and stall.
    Smash you into bits.

  • Maggie S

    Quick status update-
    Seventeen hours to load?
    Never mind, “cancel.”

  • Jeremy Pepper

    I see your ads lots
    Wonder what iJustine’s doing
    Oops, Hulu crashed me

  • Stew Stryker

    Photos fill our lives
    Shh, it happens to hard drives
    Mozy rescues all.

  • Marci Nelson

    Mozy lets me save
    My cat, Phil, from a house fire
    And leave my PC.

  • Bill Noble

    You’ve lost everything,
    gone for f**king ever. Click.
    Click. Your son’s fixed it

    Alternatively, it could serve a promo purpose:

    You’ve lost everything,
    gone for f**king ever. Click.
    Click. Mozy’s fixed it

  • Sierra Salin

    My tounge in cheeky
    Or feet planted firm in mouth
    Lots of room for both

  • Michelle S.

    Laptop falls out the
    Window. Don’t ask. College is
    Wild, Mozy is safe.

  • Chris P

    My laziness won
    My files are upped and gone
    Sleep safe in the cloud

  • John Avila

    her fingers scanning
    his porn filled history
    marriage deleted

  • Leith

    Oh no hubby no!
    You are a technophobic
    yet you do tutu

  • Andi

    Creepin in your files
    I’m snatching your data up
    You are really dumb… for real

  • Cheryl Devaney

    All was going swell
    Until this failed hard drive hell
    Great Mozy saves well!

  • Ron Oliver

    Is this email real?
    “Hello from your old Girlfreind.”
    Boot Sector is fried.

  • andrea mccuiston

    My Ghost Hit Delete
    His skirt caught up in his feet
    Now I am repeat

  • Zorica Gojkovic

    Mad download frenzy!
    Terror — Virus frozen Screen.
    Primordial silence.

  • Alice Folkart

    Buggy software sucks,
    programmer should go to hell.
    Testing is God-like