Frightful Computer Haiku Contest

What? You haven’t thought of haikus since the 5th grade?! Well, that changes now. We want to see your best Frightful Computer Haiku, and we’re giving 100 bucks to our three favorites. Need a refresher on how to create a haiku? It’s simple. Line one is five syllables, line two is seven syllables, and line three is five syllables. Here’s one of our own as an example:

My hard drive hiccups
Fear for our precious photos
Wife would have my head!

To submit your Frightful Computer Haiku, add it as a comment on this blog post. If you really want to get us to notice them, post them to Facebook or Twitter with a link back to our blog post (use the hashtag #mozyhaiku if you’re on Twitter)! Good luck and get original! We’ll post winners on Friday, October 29, 2010. One entry per person, please.

  • Kathryn D

    I’d rather have lost
    Than to ne’er have had data
    To back up at all

  • Levi Robillard

    My Computer dies
    Upset…remembers Mozy
    Life is good again

  • Christina

    Inspired by a true story. At least it wasn’t during finals week. Thanks, Mozy!

    College papers eight
    Gigs full; Mac crashed—all were gone.
    A+, Mozy Home!

  • Eric Priddy

    Photographer abroad
    Invoice wasn’t delivered
    Stress no more as I log in.

  • Heather Philipp

    from third story fell
    precious little songs captured
    twinkle twinkle lost

  • Derek Swiderski

    My Computer Died
    To the Grave, it has been sent
    Now it Haunts You HERE

  • Heather Philipp

    webcam costume show
    little ghosts dance and delight
    crash, boom, grandma’s pride

  • Heather Philipp

    black cat crossed my path
    pinwheel of death never stops
    Moze treats the trick

  • Kathy Hope

    Crash in Aegean Blue
    Screen a vacuous abyss
    Life gone in a flash

  • bunggo

    Hello, tech support
    did you turn it off and on
    did you check the plug

  • Kathy Hope

    Crash in Aegean blue
    Screen a vacous abyss
    Life gone in a flash

  • http://none Chuck Weller

    What’s the cost to add

    My wife’s computer to this

    Mozy business?

    Can I afford to

    Or can I not afford to

    Add her to you, too?

    Please reply quite soon

    As I might not be able

    To afford her, too.

  • Kevin LeRoy

    data files fly high
    outwards to the big net cloud sky
    Mozy here, I don’t cry

  • Bob Eisenstadt

    Hard drive just crashed.
    Rollodex data kaput.
    Am I free again?

  • Carol G

    while goats don’t say oink
    computers stare at the goats
    and mozy saves all

  • Janice Mac Neal

    A virtual Hell.
    Black cat crossing folder paths….
    Zombies at the panes!

  • Pat McConnaughay

    Accessed her account.
    Where did it go? Mozy knows.
    Now I’m out of jail!

  • Jody Baker

    Bike, bag, rain-slicked streets
    Laptop goes down before you
    files are in the clouds

  • Lizzette

    Gone are my files.
    Who to regain my losses?
    What? Mozy you say?

  • James

    Bolster binary
    Backup to inoculate
    Code could catch a cold

  • Kate Jones

    Two hours of labor,
    Pixel by pixel composed,
    Poof! Crash! No save. Aarrgh!

  • Rob

    My hard drive hiccups
    Fear for our precious photos
    Wife would hLOGNULL
    (12147900) LOGNULL
    ave my head!

  • Michael Ramirez

    Darkens Computer
    Nothing can be seen on screen
    Very Terrible

  • Scott Ramirez

    Terrible break downs
    The computer gets pitch black
    loses memory

  • Jack Ramirez

    Computer forgets
    All memory disappears
    Very annoying

  • Dawn Ramirez

    It Loses all memory
    Computer goes black

  • http://Facebook Deni Celley

    Without my laptop
    sad and friendless I would be
    It must not break down!

  • J Albert Keeton

    Phones and Cameras Click
    Ice Scream Candy Boo-ble gum
    Press Back-up when done

    Computer Dies Hard
    Halloween Pictures Are Done
    Mozy Saved Files Safe

    Press Mozy Record
    When Pictures downloaded Complete
    Forever Mozy Safe

  • Andrew Robinson

    Suddenly it’s cold.
    Where are all my documents?
    Should have, yes, I know.

  • Patrick

    Not just kilobytes
    My life’s work and memories
    Locked in a dead box

  • rootazoid

    LOGNULL NowTransRead
    ReadIt J File M T :
    Truncate LOGNULL Now

  • J Albert Keeton

    Lightning Bolt Strikes Scares
    Smoke Fills Room Like Ghost Fly By
    Files Are Mozy Safe

    Mozy Saved All Files
    Memories Safe From My Stick
    Back-up Starts when time

    Our Pics Show Our Start
    Pictures Dates our love is true
    Love Conquers The Heart

    Candy and Goblins
    Happy Day Finally Complete
    I am Done Tired feet

  • Jerry Bodzin

    Hard drive failed today
    Never had any warning
    What am I missing?

  • Tom Doan

    Dog ate your hard drive?
    ILOVEYOU hosed your data?
    Thank God there’s Mozy.

  • Corey M.

    On a Mozy-less night
    Electricity just might
    Make files leave my sight

  • Michael

    Hard drive goes “rumble”
    Oh man, my data is gone!
    Mozy saves my butt

  • Lin Smallwood

    Bible class online
    We are getting spirited
    crash bang boom Amen

  • Nancy

    Recall? Not much left.
    Lost one drive, but would just die
    If I lost the other!

  • Ronna Pennington

    A strange woman shouts,
    Scares me every time!

  • Richard

    Like a treasure chest,
    Wonderful things safe inside;
    I trust my Mozy.

  • B*ingram L

    My pinky tingles
    Hit the button DELETE ALL
    Tears are all I have

  • Steve S

    O Gray Screen Of Death,
    Your cloud rains file corruption.
    Mac Mozy brings sun.

  • Kat

    Hard drive’s life is short
    Photos will live longer
    Mozy saved my life

  • Jay Thompson

    Backed up on hard drive.
    Confident, until the day
    Whole system stolen.

  • Michael Martin

    A masters thesis
    Glows back at me from the screen
    A surge. A pop. Black.

  • Jonny

    Kids crashed my PC
    Mozy runs regularly
    Kids have own PC

  • Brian

    The blue screen of death;
    a scolding from my techie:
    Don’t you do Mozy?

  • wjrush

    My computer is down.
    What will my students do?
    Mozy to rescue.

  • Keith

    Presentation gone.
    Who is to blame? No worries.
    Mozy saves the day!

  • Debbie

    who knows which is worse
    your hard drive data cursed, or –
    a bad line of verse