Frightful Computer Haiku Contest

What? You haven’t thought of haikus since the 5th grade?! Well, that changes now. We want to see your best Frightful Computer Haiku, and we’re giving 100 bucks to our three favorites. Need a refresher on how to create a haiku? It’s simple. Line one is five syllables, line two is seven syllables, and line three is five syllables. Here’s one of our own as an example:

My hard drive hiccups
Fear for our precious photos
Wife would have my head!

To submit your Frightful Computer Haiku, add it as a comment on this blog post. If you really want to get us to notice them, post them to Facebook or Twitter with a link back to our blog post (use the hashtag #mozyhaiku if you’re on Twitter)! Good luck and get original! We’ll post winners on Friday, October 29, 2010. One entry per person, please.

  • Mike

    My in-laws confused…
    How could all files vanish?
    I fix with Mozy!

  • norbert

    why black screen of death
    many questions need answers
    cloud may hold results

  • Debbie D

    Kids on computer
    No worries, Mozy Protects
    Can sleep at night now

  • Bill

    Windows 7 crashed
    I am the Blue Screen of Death
    No one hears your screams

  • Spencer Lewin

    Loss of sleep each night

    Loss of records is my fright

    Mozy helped my plight

  • Brent

    No data in sight
    Oh what a disastrous fright
    Mozy will delight

  • lance anderson

    Archives gone, oh dear

    Thoughtlessly no backup files

    Who can help me now!

  • Small Footprints

    The drink went airborne
    Flying toward the keyboard
    Fried files no Mozy

  • Max

    Cute baby pictures
    Tragically lost forever?
    Mozy turns back time

  • Phil-man

    My Apple’s the way to go.
    Fear not the hacker!

  • Rhea Cycle

    First Mozy upload
    Two weeks then modem blinks off
    Mozy starts over. Hell!

  • Laura

    Backup my hard drive
    My memories are safe. Oops.
    Guess maybe not. Darn.

    Endless circle of
    Unhelpful tech support. No!
    My files are all gone.

  • Randy

    Worked on it all night
    Spilled coffee on the keyboard
    Applause for Mozy

  • Steve

    Evil electrons!
    Computers can make us swear.
    Why do they hate us???

  • Fiona

    This program must close
    Unsaved data lost, OK?
    Um, no, it is not.

  • Lois

    Words fade, keyboard locks
    Window to the world is gone
    Work, photos, mail lost

  • Ryan

    Virus has been found / Corrupting all our files. / Good thing we backed up!

  • Wendy Magnall

    Notebook slides from lap
    Does not land like falling leaf
    Autumn brings no joy

  • Jennifer

    Nature metaphors are important in a haiku!

    Photos, documents,
    All my life gone in a flash:
    Blossoms wilting, dead.

  • Kathy

    Poof! My screen went black.
    I don’t fear, Mozy is here.
    My files are all safe!!

  • MissDeal

    banker or a cook
    can both really tie you
    up for a long time.

  • MissDeal

    * let me revise my entry * … this one is a computer haiku

    a buggy hard drive
    or hard driving a buggy –
    both end in a crash

  • Anita Levine Dahlin

    Black cat strikes keyboard
    Fright white screen apparition
    Mozy Hallowe’en!

  • ananda

    My Mac was too full
    Mozy gave me peace
    of mind
    Now my files are Saved!

  • Max Starkenburg

    Hard drive crashed and burned
    Mozy comes to the rescue
    No need for worries

  • Arsenii Skamskii

    Where art thou, o soft
    To backup my umbrellas?!
    Have just lost my fifth…

  • Ross

    I’m easily riled.
    The thing with Mozy is that
    it gets my backup.

  • Susan

    Two textbook files fried
    Mozy is there saves the day
    Students can succeed

  • Linda Williamson

    Computer Vampire
    Sucking bytes while I slumber
    Dawn breaks, all is lost

  • don webb

    If my words were lost,
    My heart would die and so would I
    But Mozy is my friend

  • Jae Yoon

    Wiccans in black hats…
    Zombies spamming day and night…
    Head crash! Fix ain’t cheap

  • Kathleen Watson

    Control, alt, delete.
    Can even these three save me
    From Blue Screen of Death?

  • Mark Hathaway

    Lightning strikes our house
    computer would not turn on
    now we have mozy

  • Harry W

    Hard drive spin no more
    I tossed it out the door
    Mozy did restore

  • rich coco

    Hard drive hacks hair-ball
    Bits vanish into ether
    “No backup”, I wail

    Hard drive hacks hair-ball
    Bits vanish into ether
    No matter: Mozy

  • ECS

    I need my machine
    But it does no need me now
    Alas it ne’er did

  • ECS

    Zeros and ones here
    Looks like real stuff
    I find this scary

  • ECS

    Without my wired PC
    I have no way to live/work
    Always need my tech

  • Ellen S.

    Computer sputters
    With a cough and a stutter, gone
    with blink of the eye

  • Fred Seiboldt

    My laptop is slow
    And scares me when it falters
    So I Mozy it!

  • Jan Hasak

    Bytes or bits beckon
    Sleepwalkers in line for drives
    Black Friday awaits

  • keith brower brown

    water everywhere;
    not a drop of data left–
    soaked, lifeless, free.

  • Brian PS

    Fast and accurate,
    The machine does the thinking
    So I don’t have to …

  • Grace Gardener

    reading morning mail
    coffee spills on my laptop
    snap crackle — all gone

  • Ken Pespisa

    Email seemed harmless
    All I did was double-click
    Now my files are gone!

  • Vanessa S

    photos of a whole lifetime
    earthquake has shattered.

  • Manny Guzman

    lightning strikes my home
    Blue screen strikes my Dell
    Panic strikes my mind

  • Josh Oakes

    poof goes my hard drive
    but nothing will be lost thanks
    to mozys small cost

  • Alex Howard

    Santa Claus is Drunk
    We know not what he drinks (burp!)
    How Bad Smells His beard?

  • Alex Howard

    Is Mozy A Name?
    Or Is It A Saving Grace?
    Wait Til You Mozy!