Guess The Prize Contest (For a Different Prize)

Question Mark We passed a major milestone earlier this year, and now one lucky customer will be receiving a massive Mozy prize to celebrate!

What is the prize, you ask? Well, that’s the catch. We’re not going to announce it right now. Instead, we’ll be publishing a series of clues on this blog and on our Twitter feed over the next couple of days that point towards what the massive prize is. The first three people to correctly guess what the massive prize is will receive an iPod Touch courtesy of Mozy! Just email your guesses to . Good luck, Sherlock!


Winners: We only had one winner who got all required elements of the guess correct -Eric Nagel. Congrats! If you didn’t win, stay tuned because there will absolutely be more contests in the near future!

  • Bruce

    So the big prize is three iPod touvches??

  • Julia

    I guess it’s either an iPod Touch, 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 iPod touches, a free Mozy Program, or a free laptop?

  • Ronn

    Im thinkin a Hummer

  • Jim Brenneman

    The big prize is a trip to the tropics?

  • Eric

    A GPS system!

  • Eric

    Eh, thought you guessed here. I’m wrong anyway.

  • lenko

    the big prize is lunch,dinner,meeting or something with Justine Ezarik a.k.a. iJustine in LA or pittsburgh

  • Brian Kelsay

    Is it Dungeons and Dragons rev. 4?

  • Dave Mac

    Uh, our own server farm in the country? ^.^

  • mitchell m

    I’m thinking a trip to pittsburg? Maybe an iPhone?

  • mitchell m

    But, definitely a trip. Maybe to an island…

  • YKG

    I think it will be the new iPhone and a unlimited server storage and a meet and greet with iJustine (or just talking to her over phone) or it will be a GPS Navigator.

  • Belle

    a tricked out MacBookPro…? (at least that’s what I want!!) =)

  • Mikiko Freund

    a trip to disney!!! and maybe with Justine!?

  • Kim

    is it a trip somewhere thought pittsburgh but maybe england

  • http://twitter Krissi MIles

    A round the world ticket

  • Justin Bullock

    A trip to a place to gamble? With the boat clue i guess Atlantic City? maybe some concert tickets too?

  • andy

    does anyone know what those numbers are

  • Sara

    we get to meet justine? and maybe tickets to a trip somewhere? idk

  • Eric Nagel

    Hahaha! Sweet! Blowing my Saturday researching those clues really paid off!