Hello, World!

Since we last had a blog here at Mozy, quite a bit has changed. We’ve been acquired by EMC, released several new products, and we’ve learned a lot. As a reflection of what we’ve learned, we’re relaunching our blog with a renewed emphasis on you, our customer. We hope to be able to provide you with tips, inside looks at Mozy products, articles from members of the Mozy team, and status updates on the Mozy service. We’ll be posting regularly, so check back often for new info or subscribe to our RSS feed! In the meantime…

Be safe,

Nate and the rest of the Mozy crew

  • http://www.lgr.ca/blog/ LGR

    Nice to see Mozy with a new blog. Looking forward to some Mozy tips. Always nice to have some new ideas. Will you be posting the winners of the video contest here?

  • http://mozy.com nate

    We’ll be posting the Computer Nightmare Video Contest winners here, so definitely stay tuned. In addition, we’ll post new contests, giveaways, etc. as they become available.

  • http://ralangjr.net/cv.html Richard


    You appear to have a large amount of business, as this is a unique field, that large players, like Amazon, are entering into.

    To enhance your credibility, I would hire a accounting firm to come in and do a ‘internal controls review’ of the Mozy operation, fix any discrepancies, and post the final results, showing a clean bill of health, on your main page(or link to the review). This would give larger companies that may want to use your service, a warm and cozy feeling about Mozy.


  • http://accunoc.com Henry

    Welcome back Mozy blog. HAHA! We’ve experimented with a zillion different cloud storage apps. and your interface continues to kill the competition. Keep up the good work. We’ve still got that warm and cozy feeling about Mozy!


  • User

    I think Mozy is a great product, but it’s time to improve a bit faster.
    Competition is moving really fast, and with great features, too.
    I’d love to see unlimited version control and the possibility of sharing files online.

  • http://mozy.com nate

    Thanks for the comments all!

    Richard: As part of Decho (and EMC) we have internal audits, but I think we will probably take your advice at some point, just for certification purposes.

    Henry: Glad we could be here for you!

    User: Thanks for the feedback! I’ll make sure your comments are seen by our Product team.

  • kingrichards

    It has been awhile guys….Thought it was time I got my happy ass back on here…

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