Hey Upline Users, We Love You!

HP’s Upline backup service recently announced to its users that it will be closing its doors on March 31, 2009. We think backing up your stuff is pretty important, so in order to help those HP Upline customers who will be without a backup solution, we’re offering 20% off new MozyHome Unlimited annual and biennial subscriptions. We want to help you keep your data safe, and we (and EMC) want assure you that we’re going to be here for years to come.

Just type in UPLINE at checkout or click here to get 20% off your new Mozy subscription!

  • Janet

    Too bad you don’t offer 3 PCs per license like Upline did (without an additional fee per PC.)

  • Frustrated

    Watch what you ask for it takes forever to get your data backed-up! Mozy locks the home user upstream speeds to 135K. If your back-up is of any size 40/50G/60G your systems could be on for 5,6,7 days straight just getting the data backed-up!

    Maybe this is not worth the frustration? Buy an external drive with the prices coming down…

  • http://mozy.com nate

    Frustrated: Thanks for the comment. We actually don’t lock your upstream to 135kbps. If you’re seeing your speed slowed down to that level, it’s probably your ISP choking bandwidth. If you continue to have problems, hit us up on Twitter at http://twitter.com/mozy or email us at support@mozy.com.

  • http://www.danandcheryl.com dan

    I think “135K” means “135 kilobytes per second,” which is about the same as “1.0 megabits per second.” Mozy does (currently) cap bandwidth, but seems to have recently increased the cap to 1.2 megabits per second. At that rate, you can upload about 10 GB per day.

  • CJ

    I’m looking at my Mozy console right now and its bouncing between 650-750 Kb/s so I’m not sure Mozy is limiting anything.