Mozy and Snow Leopard

In response to several questions regarding Mozy’s compatibility with Snow Leopard, we’re happy to announce that our QA team has approved Mozy for Apple’s latest and greatest software. In fact, we’ve made Snow Leopard the preferred Mozy operating system for Mac.

Our reasons for doing so are twofold:

  1. Running the latest Mozy client on Snow Leopard provides gains in the client’s stability and speed.
  2. The sooner we get the majority of our Mac users on Snow Leopard, the sooner our engineers can take advantage of Snow Leopard’s 64-bit architecture. What does this mean for you? An even faster, more stable, and more feature-rich Mac Mozy client.

We’ll keep you updated as more releases and updates become available. In the meantime, be safe!

  • crichton007

    Wha? I haven’t had any issues running it on Snow Leopard before this. It runs like a champ.

  • theshillito

    I’m holding back on Snow Leopard for the moment. A few of the apps I use daily don’t work yet, and it doesn’t recognise my printer either. Either way, I totally agree with you on the 64bit front. Tasty stuff :-)

  • James Foster

    Your engineers can take advantage of Snow Leopard’s capabilities now. Why wait? Given that it has been in the hands of developers since last year, I am astonished that Mozy doesn’t even have a beta version available. Perhaps while you are coding the update, you could revisit the interface and contextual menus to make it feel less like a Mac ‘translation’ of a Windows program.

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