Announcing and!

In an increasingly globalised world, it’s still nice to get a bit of the local touch, whether it’s eating at your favorite mom-and-pop diner or getting your hair cut at the local neighborhood barber shop. That’s why Mozy is proud to announce the launch of and! Now UK and Irish customers can take advantage of the power of Mozy without the hassle of having to deal with foreign currency, distant datacenters, and overseas support staff. That’s right! As part of this site rollout, we’ll be providing:

  • IE and UK payment processing – Irish and UK customers can use local currency at checkout!
  • IE and UK datacenters – No more sending your data from Ireland or the UK across the pond to keep it safe anymore. That means faster upload and download speed, better security, and greater peace of mind!
  • IE and UK support – We have sales and support staff in the UK and Ireland to provide a better, more responsive support experience.

So while we’re excited to be moving in a more global direction, we’re even more excited to be providing a more personalised, convenient experience for our customers in the UK and Ireland.

  • Ed Byford

    How can I avoid this change? I pay less when I pay in USD, I’ve seen the pricing and all you’ve done is change the $ symbol to a £ symbol! This means that if I were to sign up for a 2 year contract on the Mozy UK site, I would be paying £37 more than if I signed up via!

  • Matt West

    Do UK customers automatically migrate over to the UK servers?

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