Stash: A New Era for Online Backup

Today, Mozy announced Stash, a new feature available in public beta for MozyHome customers. While this launch may draw a lot of outside attention to Mozy, I want to explain what Stash means to you.

Going Beyond Backup

Mozy was founded for you to preserve your ideas, your creative works, your memories and your records. Our promise has always been that with Mozy, you never lose a single file. Together with our customers and loyal fans, we built the online backup industry. Today, millions of customers and more than 70,000 businesses entrust Mozy to protect over 70 petabytes of data. Thank you for being part of this!

Mozy released two major “data availability” features for this in 2011. Our “web access” update made it so that you could quickly find and download a file from any computer. The Mozy apps for Android and iOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod touch) devices put your files at your fingertips while on the go. Together, these two features extend the Mozy promise so that you’re never without your files.

Stash is another big ”data availability” step. If you use multiple computers, such as one at home and another at work, you’re going to love Stash. Stash keeps files up to date between computers by putting a special “stash” folder on each, and linking it to your Mozy account. Any files you keep in your Stash stay up to date on each linked computer. When you start a document at work, put it in your Stash if you need to continue working on it at home. No emailing documents to yourself, or fiddling around with USB sticks. It just works.

I want to personally invite Mozy’s loyal customers and fans to try out Stash. Once you have started using it, I think that you’ll agree: Stash changes the game. You’ll never think about online backup quite the same again.

Getting Stash

Although Stash has just come out in public beta, if you’re a paid MozyHome subscriber, you get Stash. We don’t mean just for the beta: as long as you keep your current MozyHome paid subscription, you will have use of Stash at no extra cost. It’s our way of saying thank you for being a MozyHome customer.

Of course you can use Stash if you have a MozyHome Free account. We’re making Stash a permanent feature of MozyHome Free, but the capacity is still limited to 2 GB. So, if you have been considering upgrading to a paid MozyHome account, I encourage you to do so. You’ll want the extra space.

That’s it for now. Look for another post from me tomorrow, discussing what’s coming next for Stash and Mozy.

You can learn more about Stash from the Stash page on the Mozy website and the Stash Frequently Asked Questions page in the community forums. You can interact with me through the Stash beta forum, or follow my rants and ravings on as @reverendted on Twitter.

Be safe, and happy Stashing,


Ted Haeger
Mozy Product Management

  • Hotwax

    I love it. Great service.



    This product answers your competition online backup which goes on continuously, and may be better than a briefcase for keeping filrs synced.


    If I want to syck 3 computers, my business one, home one, and portable one, is it OK if only one had the paid version and
    the other two have the home version, permanently? Will it do 3?

    While I may not need to have the two users work concurrently, having an online version, and main version of the file leaves me confuse. If the online is being updatedd from my one live site, that isfine. But I do not want work on my home or portable computers to updateautomatically, since my program files sitll contain data used also.

    Until I get the data seperate, I would not want ANY updating from the remotes of certain files, which brings up 2 question
    one … can I select which files wikl update, two do I have to have any, or will the online live updating work without any other computer being attached.


  • Richard W. Baron

    After reading your description of Stash, I will be happy to give it a try. We are using Mozy on four different computers, and I think Stash will make it easier. I’ll give further comments after trying it.

  • Carol Paterson

    Hi there, this product sounds ideal for my growing business needs. One of the partners lives a distance from me and we will both be working with the online business. Will get a budget for purchasing the product. What is the annual cost. Cheers Carol

  • Derrick Shadel

    For Mozy Stash to work for me it really needs to integrate with QuickOffice. QuickOffice is the easiest way to work with multiple online services like Mozy Stash, Dropbox,, Evernote, etc. Please, Please work with the makers of QuickOffice so it will support Mozy Stash. Thanks, Derrick Shadel