The Rise of China’s Internet

When we posted about our new partnership with China Telecom, we didn’t do a great job explaining how HUGE the Internet is in China, so we threw this graphic together to demonstrate:

The Rise of China's Internet

One takeaway is that while there’s a huge amount of Internet use in China, there aren’t a lot of cloud service providers available. As one of the first cloud providers in China, we’re looking forward to helping millions of Chinese Internet users discover the personal cloud.

  • xingzhican

    cool, that is really true

  • uggsmvp

    hi,i have to point out the error that SICHUAN’s loaction is not under the HUNAN。
    this is the map of China.

  • Gabe

    is this image copyrighted or available for linking through a creative commons license?

  • Rupert Brown

    Does a connection that filtered still count as the internet?
    It like calling bottled water the ocean.