Backing Up Hundreds of Gigabytes with Mozy

From time to time, we hear from customers with hundreds of gigabytes of data who complain about the length of time it takes to complete their initial backup. We realize that it can be painful to get all your data backed up for the first time, and we’re constantly working to alleviate that pain, including optimizing bandwidth distribution for blazing backup speeds.

However, a customer may still face limitations from his or her own Internet service provider. The problem is that providers often compete with one another by providing faster and faster download speeds, but they don’t often provide faster upload speeds. As a result, initially backing up hundreds of gigabytes online can take quite a bit of time.

The good news is twofold. First, if Mozy is interrupted in the middle of a long backup, it will automatically pick up where it left off the next time it resumes. So don’t worry if you have to restart your desktop, or you need to close your laptop. Second, once the initial backup is complete, the subsequent backups run much faster because Mozy backs up only the incremental changes to the files or folders. In addition, if you’re worried about a long backup taking up all your system resources, Mozy provides customers with bandwidth throttling and scheduling options, so customers can control how many resources Mozy consumes and when.

While backing up hundreds of gigabytes takes some patience, the benefit of having automatic, secure off-site protection is worth it. And now with our new bandwidth optimization, you can get through that first initial backup faster than ever before.

  • Mozy user

    Prioritize files. I have a few critical files that is use everyday. when i back up a large archve file, i am not making my backup of my important files. I wish i could tell mozy, backup my critical file every day, but when that is not changing, back up my archive files.

  • Mozy user

    Throtle based on usage. If i am using the computer, slow the backup down, when i stop the using the computer, spead my computer back up

  • graeme

    i’m almost finished with a 1.02 terabye backup and it’s only day 35. my original math had it taking another 2 weeks at my isp’s max upload, so i guess i didnt account for something. all for 5 bucks a month? i’m quite relieved.

  • Shaun

    Mozy? how come i HAVE NEVER HEARD OF MOZY BEFORE? This is an awesome idea. to back up data on a server that is fully protected. Mozy seems like a killer idea. I will use google for now because it is free but Mozy seems cool as you can back up lot more data for the price that is!

  • jane

    This comment would be to say thanks, i dont comment frequently, but when i do it really is often for something extremely excellent.