How Much Is A Petabyte?

We store a lot of data here at Mozy (15+ petabytes, in fact), but how much is that really? We put together this series of stats to help you understand just how much data that really is. Enjoy! (Update: since this infographic was originally published, Mozy has grown to store more than 90 petabytes. We’ve also put together a new interactive infographic that takes a fresh look at the petabyte. Check it out!)

How much is a petabyte?


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  • ARGOSpp

    One PetaBytes is NOTHING!:

    Citation 1: “The Human Brain consists of about one Billion Neurons. Yet Neurons combine so that each ….. …, exepionally increasing the Brain’s memory storage capacity to somthing closer to around 2.5 Petabytes!”

    Citation 2: “Based on the ‘above’ data for the resolution of the Human Eye, … . Let’s be conservative and use 120 degree for the field of view, then we would see: 120 * 120 * 60 * 60 / (0.3 * 0.3) = 576 MegaPixel!”

    Citation 3: “Humans, other apes, and Old World monkeys have trichromatic vision, with Eyes containing colour receptors, sensitive to blue, green, and yellow-red. They allow us and our Old World relatives to distinguish around 2.3 Million Coloures.”

    Conclusion: 2.5 PetaBytes / 576 MegaPixel / 2.3 Million = 16 coloured Pictures to fill our Brain! – - There must be a Big Problem !!!
    No thinkable Data-Compression will be of help, because this are only Entries into Lookup-Tables for our ‘Coloures’!
    === Is there any adequate knowledge? ===