Snow Leopard Adoption on Mozy

Just one month after Snow Leopard’s release, we’ve learned that just over 30 percent of our Mac users are running Snow Leopard. This puts our adoption rate right along with the adoption rates reported by The Omni Group (27.5%) and Adium (28.43%). Although these don’t represent the entire Mac community, they do give a general idea of how many people are migrating to Snow Leopard.

The idea to look at our customer’s adoption of Snow Leopard came from Daring Fireball and Macworld. Both collected similar data for their sites. We find it significant that our adoption rate puts the Mozy service closer to the mainstream Mac audience. By bringing the first unlimited online backup service to the Mac, Mozy has been embraced by more than just early adopters and techies. Mac users from different geographies and age groups are gathering more and more irreplaceable digital content they can’t risk losing, and they’re backing that data up with Mozy. In fact, we currently back up over 15 petabytes of data.

Our engineers were so excited about the new operating system that they had Mozy ready to support Snow Leopard before it was officially released. With Snow Leopard, Mozy can run faster and use less memory, meaning a quicker and more enjoyable backup experience for our users.

Here is a chart to show Snow Leopard’s adoption among our Mozy for Mac users. Enjoy!

Mozy Snow Leopard Adoption Graph

  • James

    Great to see a new Mac version. When is Mozy going to offer the option for Mac users to do a web restore to some format in some format other than .dmg? Such as .zip? If I’m trying to restore a file using Web Restore from a Windows PC, .dmg is no use to me. I know there are DMG readers for Windows, but if I’m a Mac Mozy user and I’m doing a web restore from a PC, chances are it isn’t my PC and I can’t install software on it, so I need the file in a format that Windows can deal with and extract from. I know that there is Mac file timestamp and creator/owner information that might be lost, but I can live with that, I just want my files!

  • Miikka

    Funny … when I reported some problems with Mozy and Snow Leopard, the Mozy support informed me that Mozy isn’t compatible with Snow Leopard at that time (it was one week after Snow Leopard release). At that moment I had no choice other than close my Mozy account and go for other options. Now you claim that you actually had a working Mozy before Snow Leopard was released, so which one is not doing their job well, the blog writer or the support?

  • Matt

    Works horribly on this Mac running Snow Leopard…. i guess i should say that it doesnt work, says the backup server is not running… this sucks!