Mozy 2.0 Twitter Contest Leaderboard

The Mozy 2.0 Twitter Contest is now over! Congrats to our winners, and thanks to everyone who participated! The top ten finalists by points are:

  1. @lgladdy – 322 points
  2. @rkudeshi – 185 points
  3. @mostaghimi – 159 points
  4. @ThProsprusArtst – 56 points
  5. @phpenguin – 38 points
  6. @srpsco – 14 points
  7. @TheRamenNoodle – 11 points
  8. @jonmwilson – 10 points
  9. @adamschoales – 8 points
  10. @azrane – 8 points

The following randomly chosen participating accounts have won a free Mozy T-shirt:

  1. @RaymondHill101
  2. @infoarchitect
  3. @bythewar

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Trivia Answers:

  • What 1991 blockbuster action film grossed over 400% more than the original? Terminator 2
  • Where did the first Aston Martin DB2 prototype first appear? Le Mans
  • What is the title of the second Harry Potter book? Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
  • Group that hit the top 20 charts twice in 1992, but never again after that? Spin Doctors – Two Princes hit #7 and Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong hit #17
  • First NBA Champions to repeat? Minneapolis Lakers
  • What are Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s middle names? Kate and Fuller
  • What was the second state to enter the Union and on what date? Pennsylvania on December 12, 1787
  • What town name do both Russia and Florida share? St. Petersburg
  • What sequel is currently the top rated movieof all time on @rottentomatoes? Toy Story II
  • What NFL team was the first to win two Super Bowls in a row? Green Bay Packers
  • What is the 22nd word in Gwen Stefani & Moby’s duet South Side? Come
  • What year did Ford begin producing the new retro-style Mustang? 2005
  • Air force Two is the air traffic control call sign for which famous aircraft? The plane carrying the Vice President of the United States
  • How old is Link in Zelda II: The Adventure of Link? 16
  • What name do towns in both the UK and Kentucky share? (multiple answers)
  • What is the name of the much-improved movie sequel of the film “Before Sunrise”? Before Sunset
  • Who are three replacement singers for the band Journey? Steve Augeri, Jeff Scott Soto and Arnel Pineda
  • During what years were the Aston Martin DB2 produced? 1950-1953
  • What was the original Japanese version of Super Mario Bros. 2 called? Super Marios Bros. The Lost Levels
  • What’s the name of Napoleon’s second island of exile? St. Helena
  • A city named Brussels can be found in what three countries? (Multiple)
  • When did Steve Jobs return to Apple after being ousted in 1985 (month and year)? December 1996
  • Name four US states with a town named after the capital of Portugal. (Multiple)
  • What was the stage name for Archibald Alexander Leach? Cary Grant
  • Name of the singer who replaced Freddy Mercury in Queen? In all honesty, no one, but for the sake of the contest, Paul Rodgers
  • What’s the name of the NFL player who got a controversial name 2.0 change? Chad Ochocinco
  • What movie premiered GM’s new retro Chevy Camaro? Transformers
  • A type of costume for ballet performances. Also Hawaiian for grandmother. Tutu
  • Who is the only US President to serve two nonconsecutive terms in office? Grover Cleveland
  • Who first coined the phrase Web 2.0? Darcy DiNucci
  • What is the name of the country formerly known as Upper Volta? Burkina Faso
  • What is the only Bond film to share the same title with another Bond film? Casino Royale
  • Stage name for Paul David Hewson? Bono
  • How old was Michael Jordan when he got his second NBA title? 29
  • What is Toyota’s FJ Cruiser designed to look like? Original Toyota Land Cruiser
  • Name two films that Martin Scorsese has remade. Cape Fear, Infernal Affairs (The Departed)
  • Beatles second song to hit #1 on the UK charts? She Loves You
  • Who are the only two people to win a World Cup as both a player and a coach? Franz Beckenbauer and Mario Zagallo
  • The Fiat Cinquecento is designed to be reminiscent of what car? Fiat 500
  • What does QE2 stand for? Queen Elizabeth II (ship)
  • Who is widely regarded to be the second Prime Minister of the UK? Spencer Compton, the Earl of Wilmington
  • What is the second computer game ever made? Tennis for Two
  • Name two European countries that have city names that are copycatted by towns in at least 16 US states. (Multiple)
  • What is the stage name of Reginald Kenneth Dwight? Elton John
  • Which country was the first to repeat a World Cup championship two years in a row? Italy
  • Who designed the new MINI Cooper? Frank Stephenson
  • Name the 1981 sequel text-only video game that starts “You are inside an ancient barrow…” ZORK II: The Wizard of Frobozz
  • How many iPhone 3G’s were sold in its first weekend of availability? 1 million
  • How many US Presidents have served at least 2 full terms in office? 13
  • First town to accept money from a dot-com to change its name? Halfway, Oregon
  • Along with Gremlins, this sequel is credited with the creation of the US PG-13 rating. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
  • Who originally recorded “Respect”? Otis Redding
  • What event preceded the World Cup (Soccer 2.0) as the world soccer championship? The Olympics
  • Which car manufacturer announced this year the launch of a 2-wheel self-driving car for 2030? GM
  • By the end of “The Twelve Days of Christmas” song, how many Turtle Doves has the singer received? 22
  • Who was the second ruler of the Roman Empire? Tiberius
  • What was IBM was originally known for making? tabulating machines
  • Chennai used to be known as what? Madras
  • Johnny Depp reimagined Gene Wilder’s character in what movie? Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
  • Who replaced Boston’s Brad Delp as lead singer? Michael Sweet
  • How old was Kobe Bryant when he won his second NBA title? 22
  • Volkswagen’s Concept 1 was based on what classic automobile? VW Beetle
  • Where is the second-longest-lasting light bulb located and what is it called? The Eternal Light, Ft. Worth TX
  • Where on the moon did the second moon landing occur? Ocean of Storms
  • What’s the key difference between web 2.0 services Wikipedia and Google Knol? Google Knol places more emphasis on authorship
  • Blue Star was a town located in what US state? Texas
  • What was the first sequel to be nominated for an Oscar for best picture? The Bells of St. Mary’s (1945)
  • Who covered the NIN song “Hurt”? Johnny Cash
  • What day did Michael Jordan announce his comeback from baseball? March 18, 1995
  • The Jaguar Mark 2 from the 60′s is the inspiration for the design of which later Jaguar car models? (2 types) Jaguar S-Type and Jaguar X-Type
  • Who was the first pilot to break Mach 2? Scott Crossfield
  • What was the second nation to develop and test nuclear weapons? USSR
  • When Facebook initially launched, what was it called? thefacebook
  • What US city was based on Rome’s layout? Washington DC
  • Who was the first artist to hold the top two spots of the Billboard Hot 100 simultaneously? Elvis Presley
  • Who currently holds two different championship belts from two different boxing federations? Manny Pacquiao
  • What retro car did Ford create in celebration of its centennial anniversary? Ford GT
  • What was the stage name of movie star Marion Morrison? John Wayne
  • Which came second, Dracula or Frankenstein? Frankenstein
  • Second human in space? Alan B. Shepard, Jr.
  • The architect of the US Saturn V space rocket also designed the German V2 bomber. What was his name? Wernher von Braun
  • The 2nd largest country in the world (by area) has almost 10 mil sq km. What is its 2nd largest city (by pop)? Montreal Canada
  • What is the name of the second James Bond movie, which was voted better than the first movie? From Russia with Love
  • What two artists recorded “Mama Told Me Not To Come” before Three Dog Night made it popular? Eric Burdon & the Animals and Randy Newman
  • Only player to score a hat trick in two world cups? Gabriel Batistuta
  • What car is affectionately known as “The Deuce Coupe”? 1932 Model B Ford
  • What was Amelia Earhart’s second major record? First woman to cross the Atlantic solo
  • What year did Pentium introduce a chip with a dual core? 2006
  • What’s the world’s tallest mountain as measured from its base? Mauna Kea
  • The film Heat is a remake of what made for TV movie? L.A. Takedown
  • Second song on The Beatles second album? All I’ve Got To Do
  • What are the only four countries have hosted the World Cup twice? Italy, Germany, France, Mexico
  • The Ferrari FXX is loosely based on what supercar? Ferrari Enzo
  • In WarCraft II, what cheat code do you enter to obtain more gold? glittering prizes
  • What is the structure of DNA chains called? Double helix
  • Other than WWII, what significance does the number two have for the photo “Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima”? Second time a flag was raised on the hill in as many days.
  • What was Paris originally called? Lutetua
  • What was the first movie remake to win an Oscar for best picture? Mutiny on the Bounty (1935)
  • Original recording artist for the song “Hound Dog”? Big Mama Thornton
  • What country has the 2nd to largest margin of victory in Cricket and by how many runs? Australia – 562 runs
  • The Ford Model T was the succesor to what Ford automobile? Ford Model S
  • In the 2nd series of Garbage Pail Kids (U.S. Edition) what was the name of card #59B? Bye Bye Bobby
  • What military leader gave up power to the people an unprecedented two times? George Washington
  • George Washington is often compared with what Roman general? Cincinnatus
  • What was the name of the direct precursor to the WordPress blogging platform? b2/cafelog
  • Candia is the capital to what Grecian prefecture? Crete
  • Andy Garcia and Caesar Romero played the same character in different versions of what movie? Ocean’s 11
  • Who originally recorded Santana’s hit “Black Magic Woman”? Fleetwood Mac
  • Name the four NFL players to be inducted with their #2 jerseys into the NFL hall of fame. Charley Trippi, Walt Kiesling, John (Paddy) Driscoll, William Roy (Link) Lyman
  • What did Lamborghini make before they manufactured automobiles? Tractors
  • When using the NES Contra “30 Lives Code”, what is the second button you push? Up
  • Sister to Mary, mother to Elizabeth, Catherine’s successor and Hank’s 2nd wife? Anne Boleyn
  • Who designed Digg 2.0? SilverOrange
  • What are the only three countries to have 2 decade volcanoes? Italy, US, Japan
  • What actor played Mel Gibson’s role in the original version of Ransom? Glenn Ford
  • Ringo Starr was the second drummer in the Beatles, who was the first? Pete Best
  • Who holds the record for most triple doubles in the NBA? Oscar Robertson
  • What did BMW make after they stopped producing aircraft engines? Motorcycles
  • What fruit appears on level 2 of Ms Pacman? Strawberry
  • Name the two US Vice Presidents who served under two different Presidents? George Clinton and John C. Calhoun
  • What web 2.0 music service is based on the OpenLaszlo system? Pandora
  • Before Texas became a state, what was it known as? Republic of Texas
  • What is the name of the second (by release date) Star Wars movie? The Empire Strikes Back
  • Who plays bass guitar for the band U2? Adam Clayton
  • First person to have his name corrected on the Stanley Cup? Adam Deadmarsh
  • In what year did China become the number 2 vehicle market globally? 2006
  • What was the first movie sequel to win an Oscar for best picture? Godfather II
  • What date did they introduce “new” coke? April 23, 1985
  • “Velvet Divorce” refers to the creation of what two countries? Slovakia and Czech Republic
  • First computer to compete with the Altair 8800? IMSAI 8080
  • East Pakistan is now known as? Bangladesh
  • The original Star Wars could be considered a remake of what movie? The Hidden Fortress
  • What was US rapper 2Pac’s surname? Shakur
  • Bo Jackson was the first person to be named an All-Star in two major American sports. Which award came first? Baseball, 1989
  • The Nissan S-Cargo is based on what classic European auto? Citroën 2CV
  • Who was Ebenezer Scrooges second visitor during the night in Dicken’s classic The Christmas Carol? Ghost of Christmas Present
  • Hispaniola is made up of what two countries? Haiti and Dominican Republic
  • The Stereobelt was the unsuccessful predecessor to what device? Sony Walkman
  • What is the name of the only film Alfred Hitchcock made twice? The Man Who Knew Too Much
  • Richard Henry Lee, Samuel Adams and John Dickinson were a handful of men in this 2.0 gathering. Second Continental Congress
  • CD was commercial optical storage 2.0. What was 1.0? Laserdisc
  • What are the real names of the actors that played the Duke boys Bo and Luke in the original 80′s TV show? Tom Wopat, John Schneider
  • The band Van Halen was first known as? Mammoth
  • First team to repeat an NHL Championship? Montreal Canadiens
  • Which came second: Ford Mustang, Plymouth Barracuda, AMC Javelin, or Chevy Camaro? Ford Mustang
  • In The Simpsons, Marge has two sisters, which one is the eldest? Selma
  • What is the Chinese Zodiac animal sign for the year 2 AD? Dog
  • What was Twitter originally called? twttr
  • “Boneshaker” and “Velocipede” are early names of this invention. Bicycle
  • The first name given to Mt. Everest by the British? Peak XV
  • The overrun of filming which blockbuster prevented Steven Spielberg from directing Jaws 2? Close Encounters of the Third Kind
  • What day did The Police kick off their Reunion Tour? May 28, 2007
  • How many goals did Wayne Gretzky score in his second NHL season? 55
  • Wilhelm II was the last king of which country? Germany
  • What upcoming film has one of the longest gaps (28 years) between a live-action Hollywood film and its sequel? Tron: Legacy
  • The word “soccer” is derived from what other word? Association
  • Mozy 2.0 for Windows now includes what awesome new feature? 2xProtect

(updated 3:00PM 5/28/2010)