Announcing MozyHome file sync and mobile apps

Mozy is pleased to announce the following:

  • Mozy file sync beta
  • Mobile apps for iPhone, iPad and Android

These two features will allow you to do more with the information that you’ve already backed up to Mozy.

Mozy file sync allows you to synchronize your files across all your computers automatically. No longer will you need to email a copy of a file to yourself, or wait to show off your vacation pictures until you get to your home computer, or even have to rely on USB drives to make your files portable. With Mozy file sync, your files are automatically synced across every device, ready for consumption wherever you are. We are currently looking for Mozy customers (free or paying) to beta test this feature.

With Mozy’s mobile apps, you’ll be able to access your backed up files from your iPhone, iPad or Android device. Browse files or search for a specific file from anywhere. Quickly view photo thumbnails and download the full file in high resolution, right to your mobile device. Email any of your backed up files or photos to friends and family, right from your phone. Using Mozy mobile apps, you’ll be able to access and use your information where and when you need it.

We’ve been using these cool features internally for a few months now and… we’re hooked! Both features will be available to Mozy customers soon. In the meantime, if you’d like to be considered as a candidate for a private beta of the sync feature, or be one of the first to be notified of the Mozy mobile app, please visit

  • Matthew Sisson

    I am interested in the beta testing

  • Jake Easley

    I am very curious about the mobile app features. I am a photographer and an iPhone user. So being able to access (for viewing purposes) image files would be pretty useful. But in the long run, it all depends on the level of functionality of the app. Are files transferable to my device, etc.

    Look forward to the release.

  • TravisVS

    Hey guys…congrats on these two new features. The apps are awesome. Adding file synchronization will give you guys a big leg up on your competitors. I just wish you guys didn’t take away unlimited backup for a flat fee:( I’m not entirely surprised, however, as I don’t think the unlimited, flat-fee model can work over the long-term.

    Travis Van Slooten

  • Anil Verma

    Do you have a iPhone apps for Mozypro?