MozyPro Wins “Excellence in Technology” Award

Data loss is inevitable. Whether as the result of hard drive crash, theft, accidental deletion, virus, or natural disaster, it happens to the best of us. According to the National Archives & Records Administration in Washington, 93% of companies that lost their data center for 10 days or more due to a disaster filed for bankruptcy within one year of the disaster. 50% of businesses that found themselves without data management for this same time period filed for bankruptcy immediately. Ouch! The good news is that data loss doesn’t need to be catastrophic as long as the business has a solid backup plan in place such as MozyPro . We hear from countless happy MozyPro customers on an regular basis who- after experiencing the near tragedy of hard drive crash, lost laptop in the taxi, flooded basement, etc. – are thrilled when MozyPro is able to “save their bacon.”

We were pleased to learn yesterday that MozyPro had been awarded the Excellence in Technology Award in the “Backup and Recovery” category from the readers of Small Business Computing. The article states, “this year marks the first time an online backup and recovery service has won the top spot, and honors go to MozyPro.” This award further reinforces Mozy’s position as the most trusted online backup service for consumers and businesses alike. After a humble launch in December 2006, MozyPro has since grown to more than 30,000 business customers ranging from then smallest home office users to large corporations like General Electric.

Since the launch of MozyPro , a tremendous amount of time and effort has gone into continually improving the service with enhancements like an improved Windows Server client, the availability of an AES private encryption key, and the recent release of a Mac version of MozyPro. We still have a lot of work to do, so expect more exciting enhancements and improvements to MozyPro over the coming months and years. We wouldn’t have won the Excellence in Technology Award without the outstanding feedback we receive from you, our customers. Whether positive or negative, we appreciate the honest feedback, so keep it coming!

  • Arno Strittmatter

    Well deserved award! I have been working with computers for 20years and managed to preserve my data over the entire time. However, backup has always been a major concern. Early on I used to store backup floppy disks with friends, later CD, then DVDs, then entire harddisks. Finally when mozy came along the nightmare stopped. A few days ago I destroyed my entire data collection when an OS upgrade took my RAID apart. Little mistake; big consequences. Tanks to mozy all my data survived. Furthermore, to my surprise their restore-services send me a 3.5 inch external harddisk instead of 20+ DVDs. Outstanding customer service!

  • Arno Strittmatter

    Appreciate your work!

  • Mary

    I would like to back up my Banking info. but am somewhat concerned about ID Theft. As this has already been attempted on my computer, so how can I be certain that your company is what I can be Certain you won’t share info. or employee’s won’t share my info.? Sorry don’t mean to be critical but I’m very skeptical by nature and mean no harm or offence to Mozy. I just need to know before I put my trust in anyone with my banking info. I need to Know it’s gonna be safe….. Please respond. Mary

  • nate


    Check out the info under “Security” at Almost everything that applies to MozyPro applies to MozyHome. Also, we provide backup to GE, and have partnerships VodaFone, ChinaTelecom, and McAfee. I promise you that these major companies wouldn’t be partnering with us if we didn’t provide great data security.

  • Bob Fleming

    Obviously, total backup is becoming more critical with each passing day. Just curious, but before I get involved, what does Mozy use for back up on its own servers? Even Google has had crashes.