The Mozy Android app

Mozy Android app

The Mozy Android app is now available!

You can find the app in the Android market (either send the app to your device online or access and download the app from the market on your Android device).

Mozy Android QR code

Like the Mozy iOS app, MozyHome users can access their Mozy backed up files from their mobile device. Additionally they can download the file and use it with other Android apps that support the file type.

Three restrictions do apply:

  • Only users in the U.S. and Canada can access the Mozy app in the Android market. (A global update is planned to release soon.)
  • The Mozy app only works with MozyHome accounts at this time. (An update for MozyPro customers is already under development.)
  • If you have opted to encrypt your backups with your own private key, this Android app version cannot decrypt your files.

Learn more about our Mozy mobile offerings.

  • Robb

    Another app that’s only available in the US (oh, and Canada this time). Woohoo!

  • davide

    why the app is not available for my operator Vodafone Italy? O_o

  • ben

    A global update is planned to release soon.

  • Simon

    How soon for the global release? I think it’s a major market for you guys.

  • SallyF

    Are there any differences between the Android and iPhone Mozy apps, other than platform compatibility? I would assume there isn’t, but I just wanted to confirm. Thanks!

  • Dave532

    I did not know this was available – thank you!