The Mozy iPhone app

Mozy iPhone app

We are excited to announce that the Mozy iPhone app is now available on the iTunes App Store!

What can you do with it?

For this first version of the Mozy app, our goal is simple: We want to provide MozyHome customers an app for accessing their files backed up to Mozy. There are some very cool features, such as emailing a file, opening in other applications, and viewing photos or sharing them to Facebook. But we kept the feature set lean because we hope to update frequently based on user feedback. This version is the beginning of something that we plan to update regularly.

Getting it

You can find the Mozy iPhone app in the iTunes App Store (either from iTunes or your iOS device).

Three restrictions apply:

  • The Mozy app is listed in iTunes only for users in the US & Canada. (A global update is planned to release soon.)
  • The Mozy app currently only works with MozyHome accounts. (An update for MozyPro customers is already under development.)
  • If you have opted to encrypt your backups with your own private key, this version cannot decrypt your files.

Learn more about our Mozy mobile offerings.

  • Facundo Ameal

    Great news! Do you have any planned date for it to be released for anyone around the world to download it? I’m from Argentina and would love to have Mozy in my iPhone.



  • Stewart

    I can’t wait for an international version too! I am in the Australian app store…

    It would be also fantastic if there was a native ipad version, something along the lines of how dropbox works would absolutely make my day!!!

  • Joe mcculloch

    When will pro version get released?

  • ben

    A pro version is being worked on and is scheduled to be released in the near future.

  • ben

    A native ipad version is now available!

  • ron kisling

    Any intent to provide a version that will ultimately support encrypted data (with my own private key)?

  • Bruce

    Have you released an international version yet? I do not remember reading about it in the other posts but I may have just missed it.