Mozy and VMware Join Forces

Today is “virtual moving day” here at Mozy.  While our offices and focus remain the same, Mozy employees are transferring as an intact team to VMware from our mutual parent company, EMC.  VMware and the Mozy team will continue the full portfolio of Mozy services.  In addition, staff from both companies will begin to integrate longer-term development plans central to building and delivering hybrid cloud solutions.  EMC retains the Mozy business as it has been delivering it for over four years now.  An operational support agreement between EMC and VMware is in place to make this possible and ensure no impact to Mozy customers.  We’ve developed a strong partnership with VMware and over these past several months it has become increasingly clear that moving to VMware will allow us to take advantage of and extend the synergies we’ve been building between the companies.   VMware and Mozy share a vision for how cloud computing will transform IT and help businesses achieve greater agility.  By joining forces, we believe we can accelerate the development of offerings that businesses are looking for.

Mozy customers will experience our service just the same – our service offerings, data centers, and customer support are completely unchanged.  Mozy customers can count on us continuing to improve and invest in our existing services.  In the future they can also expect greater interoperability between Mozy and VMware environments, and complementary end user and server-related services.

So we’re excited about this “virtual move,” and are confident it will be a very positive one for Mozy customers and the Mozy team. Also, check out what VMware had to say about today’s announcement.

- Charlotte Yarkoni, Mozy COO

  • john cook


    Curious how many employees Mozy has both worldwide, and at the HQ in Seattle. Will the Seattle offices remain? Thanks.

    John Cook

  • charlesf

    Hi Charlotte,

    Does this mean that the EMC ATMOS initiative is dead?


  • Steve Jensen


    Glad you had a chance to speak to Russ Stockdale about this last week. We appreciated your well-written story / Q&A with Russ that resulted from it, answering your questions and giving more background to your readers:
    We’re here if you have any other questions.

    Public Relations
    Mozy by EMC

  • SallyF

    Congratulations on the merge. I hope it’s gone smoothly for you over the last few months.

    I was curious about the phrase “hybrid cloud solutions”. What does that mean?

  • Bruce

    Will Mozy and VMWare continue to maintain separate names, or will the name eventually change to VMWare for everyone? If so, how do you plan to maintain your name recognition?