Client Release: Mac 1.3.1 and Windows 1.10.4

We’re proud to announce the latest releases of our Mac and Windows Mozy clients! We’ve made a few enhancements and fixed a few bugs people were having; here are some of the highlights:

Mac 1.3.1

The Mac 1.3.1 release addresses two issues:

  • Added functionality for MozyHome users to replace an existing computer. Pro users already have this functionality.
  • Fixed an issue some were having with scheduling weekly backups

Windows 1.10.4

The Windows 1.10.4 release addresses some of the following issues:

  • Improved handling for special characters in an email address.
  • Fixed a bug that caused high CPU utilization by the Mozy icon in the menu bar.
  • Enhanced error reporting when communicating with the servers.
  • Improved the handling for when a Backup set’s specified directory is no longer available

Here are the links to the full release notes and new client downloads for both MozyHome and MozyPro

MozyHome (Mac and Win)

MozyPro (Mac and Win)

  • Jared Knapp

    +1 for a linux client.

  • Alex

    +1 Linux client, please. Ideally not distro specific and x64 support well.

  • John

    I’d buy a subscription now if you had a linux client.

  • Dallan Quass

    +1 for a linux client, ideally not distro specific

  • DanB

    +1 Linux…..

  • Shomeir

    All four of my home computers run on Ubuntu. I would like to see a Linux client for Mozy.

  • Manuel

    Please a Linux client!

  • Dan

    +1 to Linux client.

  • Peter L

    +1 for a linux client!

  • Peter L

    Or instead of a full blown client right away, how about just rsync access?? It’s the most efficient transfer tool ever designed. Just let us linux users rsync to our account and then work on your own client or a pretty GUI front end for rsync, but PLEASE let us get on board. I imagine most people requesting linux clients here would be just as happy to use rsync to run their own backup scripts.

  • David Paige

    Fedora. RPM. Linux.


  • Raul

    +1 for a Linux client

  • Rauno R

    Strong yes for Mozy Linux client.
    There’s a money on a table!!!
    Whats wrong with you Mozy people??

  • AJD

    +1 for a linux client

    I’ve been very satisfied with the Mozy service on Windows, but I can’t wait any longer for a linux client to arrive. I’ve decided to cancel my paid account and move to CrashPlan instead. It’s a real shame that Mozy can’t at least give us an update or timeframe for a linux client.

  • Josh

    It appears the people are speaking. We want a Linux client, or rsync support. I’ve been a customer for a few years now and you’re about to lose me b/c I no longer want to run Windows at home.

  • James

    Why does Mozy use linux for their backend? (Or at least they have a need for postgres people, seems like they use Linux to me.) But no Linux frontend?

    Linux client please!

  • Casey

    I’d switch from my together Amazon S3 backup solution to mozy in an instant, if they offered a Linux client that was as integrated as the windows client!

    Please don’t lock into one DE, support both Qt and GTK. Desktop integration is key for a Linux client. I suggest a daemon service, with desktop integrated front ends.

  • Brady

    Linux Client!!!!

    I currently have three computers backing up to Mozy. The only one that isn’t is my linux box!!!

  • Joe

    I am really wanting a linux version as well. I check the mozy website often just for that. I am moving to linux and have just been waiting for this last piece. Can’t wait!

  • Guido

    Mozy probably doesn’t care about Linux users. Between windows and mac they cover 98% of PCs. Still, it should be trivial to port the MacOSX code to Linux.

    What’s the problem Mozy? Scared of some sort of abuse. There has been talk from your company on this issue for the last 2 years. Get with the times. I’m going to switch to another backup provider if I don’t see results soon.

  • Ben

    +1 I use windows client, but i want to install ubuntu but there is no linux mozy client.

  • Andrew

    So what’s the word guys? We haven’t heard anything in quite some time.

  • Reagen Ward

    I also would love a Linux client. CLI is fine with me, just please make one!

  • Julio

    Now is the time to release a Linux version because Ubuntu One is growing fast and Dropbox is going well too… i dont know why Mozy choose not to do something.

  • David

    Need a linux version ASAP.

  • Florent

    I hope you will release a linux client soon. In the meantime I’ll have to use some other service instead :(

  • Alexandre Bini

    +1 for a Linux client

  • Steven Long

    +1 for a Linux client
    = 168 linux would-be users left out in the cold (unless i messed up)
    X $5 a month
    = $840 a month in lost profits
    = $10,080 a year

    surely enough reason to come out with a linux client…and those are just the ones who have posted here!

  • Dhonn Lushine

    A linux version would be great. I keep more data on my linux box than my windows box.

  • David

    LInux, yes, linux. I’m afraid I may have to commit to another service if a Linux client is forthcoming, and that would make me very sad. I love MOZY – it was my first love…. errrrr…. online backup client. I mean, how hard can it be to build a linux client?

  • drax0r

    Doubleplus support for a Linux client.

  • BR Jones

    I’d consider but I use Linux also. Kubuntu. Ubuntu and #! Crunchbang on my mini 9.

  • J Peterson

    Linux is making in roads to phones and net-books. This is primarily due to Microsoft’s’ inability to produce elegant and efficient programs to support low cost hardware platforms that are the boon for the 3rd world. Bill ended his relationship with OS2 is same reason people are moving away from mac and win! I know your staff has seen the back end of Microsoft programs and thus know their philosophical approach to computing. I understand if there are agreements involved that exclude you from the Linux market place.

  • Grey Dog

    Linux, please! :-)

  • Jeff

    I already have a Mozy subscription but just switched to Linux on my primary computer (Ubuntu 9.10). Right now, because I have already paid, I have a vmware XP box doing my backup…but it would be really nice if there were a Linux native client. If you don’t get one by the time my subscription runs out, I will probably go elsehwhere.

  • knnniggett

    I am very much looking forward to dumping my existing online backup solution and going with Linux Mozy on my CentOS file server. I would be willing to beta test!

  • Aaron

    Yes, please please please a Linux client!

  • Mehtuus

    Linux Support Please!

    Debian or similar based systems such as Ubuntu and LinuxMint.

  • cliveski

    I’m an existing Mozy customer and would love a Linux client for my other machines – at the moment I only back up the Windows machine, but I have 3 other Linux (Ubuntu and Debian) boxes which I would also like to use Mozy on!

  • PiousMinion

    There are way more linux users than Mac users, linux is easier to code in, and there are no licensing issues with linux, yet it is set aside and Mac gets a client. How is that fair?

    Anyway, +1 for a linux client.

  • Georgio

    +1 for Linux

  • Sebastián Salgado


    Could you please, update us on the Linux situation?


  • Jason

    My wife and I both use Linux exclusively, I’d love to be able to use Mozy to do online backups for all our stuff. I’ll be keeping tabs to see when it becomes available :)

  • me

    If Mozy is for Linux, I can move from Windows.

  • ForeverNoob

    +1 for Linux, plz

  • Someone

    My wife is a paying Mozy customer. I’ve been impressed with what I’ve seen on her mac, so I came over here planning on signing up too. Unfortunately, there’s no Linux client. Based on some of the other comments, I think I’ll go check out S3.

  • Rich Argo

    I’m a customer with 2 WinXP home systems (yeah, I know). I’d also love to see a Linux client.

  • David

    Linux, please! Nowadays more and more people are using Linux netbooks, etc. Meanwhile, I’ll need to take a look at S3 or any other options that might work.

  • Rick

    +1 for Linux

  • Ben

    Another vote for linux here.