Client Release: Mac 1.3.1 and Windows 1.10.4

We’re proud to announce the latest releases of our Mac and Windows Mozy clients! We’ve made a few enhancements and fixed a few bugs people were having; here are some of the highlights:

Mac 1.3.1

The Mac 1.3.1 release addresses two issues:

  • Added functionality for MozyHome users to replace an existing computer. Pro users already have this functionality.
  • Fixed an issue some were having with scheduling weekly backups

Windows 1.10.4

The Windows 1.10.4 release addresses some of the following issues:

  • Improved handling for special characters in an email address.
  • Fixed a bug that caused high CPU utilization by the Mozy icon in the menu bar.
  • Enhanced error reporting when communicating with the servers.
  • Improved the handling for when a Backup set’s specified directory is no longer available

Here are the links to the full release notes and new client downloads for both MozyHome and MozyPro

MozyHome (Mac and Win)

MozyPro (Mac and Win)

  • Vladimir Arvat

    We use linux, we want Linux client.

  • Andy

    Linux client please.

  • Curt

    What browser must be used? I have Mac OS 10.4.11 Tiger. I do not have Intel processer. I have eMac. Can I use Mozy?

  • JoseMa

    You really need a linux version. When google releases its gdrive will linux support, all the ppl asking for a mozy linux version….bye bye

  • mp

    Another person interested in a client for Linux..

  • Marcin

    Linux client please.

  • Ed Felt

    Linux, please! Actually, most Linux users could just set up an rsync cron job if you would just give an account and server space.

  • Neil Hunt

    Would love to see an Ubuntu/Linux client

  • Herculano Campos

    I would also buy it if it was linux!

  • Toby

    I’m a paying customer who uses the Mac OS X client. That box will soon be running Ubuntu. Since there is no support for Linux, I won’t be a paying customer much longer.

  • Michael


  • Daniel

    Linux Client please!!!

  • JosephH

    Many clients are asking me for Mozy on Ubuntu (as it’s cheaper than Ubuntu One for those with more than 50GB). At this point, they cannot use Mozy unless they switch back to a Windows or Mac OS. But, if they do, they won’t have the money for Mozy.

    Please, make a client for Linux Ubuntu.

    Thank you.

  • Manu

    +1 for Linux client, plz

  • si

    Another vote for linux client! (ubuntu & cmd line based even better)

  • Ju

    Linux client pretty please!!!!!

  • max

    +5 for linux ! please ! common guys!!! sick and tired of XP

  • Robert

    +1 linux client.
    Most of my computers are linux boxes/laptops. I recommend Mozy to my clients all the time but when we put in a linux server we have to use a different service.

    I would buy linux services if it was priced the same as your windows offerings.

  • Brian

    I’ve got 300 Redhat Linux servers waiting for a Mozy client. Total of 50TB of data. That’s a lot of cash just waiting for you!

  • SimonS

    Me want linux client. :)

  • FredH

    Looks like the thread is dying down and still no client. I’m sure the reasons must’ve been something other than technical or they would’ve released an api and let others implement it.

  • Christoffer

    Will you have a Linux client ready soon or what is the timeline?

  • Sensei Mitch

    Linux Support Please,

    Ubuntu user here…

  • Sensei Mitch

    Nate, your last comment was from July 2009 saying Linux support was coming…really? Any updates??

  • Todd Raeker

    Please Please support Linux either through a special client or web interface for a drag-drop back. Periodic backup not needed immediately.

  • Golem

    +1 I nees Linux Client

  • BigFloors

    +1 for a Linux client +2 if it worked on the same share as a Windows client!

  • robinhoode

    +1 Linux

  • Teppo Valtonen

    I’ve had Mozy running on MacBook for some time now, but I’m appalled by the behaviour of Apple with this closed iPhone OS spreading everywhere and I’m going to switch to Ubuntu. This will end my Mozy subscription if a Linux version doesn’t appear anytime soon :(

    I really hope you get your act together and release support for Linux.

  • TKL

    I’ve been a happy customer for about a year now… I love the service and have recomended it to all my family and friends…
    I am now planning to switch to Ubuntu Linux…. sure would be nice to continue using Mozy. Any hope of that happening in 2010? please?

    just add me to the list of people asking for Mozy on Linux

    Thanks :-)

  • Manuel

    One more for Linux support. Thanks!

  • paul

    Ok, yeah I know this thread has died down. In addition to being an Ubuntu / Rails / architecture guy, I’m also a software marketing guy that has delivered. So, please. Allow me to lay it down for you so that you can actually get this through to Sales / Marketing / CEO. Here goes:

    Data backup is really geeky. The guys most interested in this stuff are geeks. When they go home from their IT jobs, they wire Mac Minis into their television, Jail Break their Android, or recompile their kernel to tweak it. Obviously, these people are not your core market. Does that mean that you do not need a Linux client? Simply put, no it does not. You absolutely need a Linux client. Why? To ramp Windows and Mac subscriptions. And why? Because it will make the deeply geeky IT guys happy. They will love the sound of “linux client”, even if they never touch it. They will set it up for their wife’s computer, their mom’s computer, and tell people about it at backyard BBQs. Besides, IT always comes up whenever an IT guy talks, and non-technical people always ask them for free advice, just like the DR on the golf course. Don’t offer a Linux client, and these same guys will start bad mouthing you. Why? YOU PROMISED ONE A YEAR AGO. Do not squander your reputation so foolishly. You promised.

    So here is what you need to do: Build a Linux version and package it as an .rpm, .deb, and a tar file. If that can not be done, give us a link to the Mac source code. Before you know it, there will be a dozen tutorials on how to compile for each platform. If you get push back from the Engineers or marketing, go to the CEO. You can do it. Just call his secretary, get your 15 mins, get to the point quickly, and say “Significantly ramp revenue this quarter” several times. You will get an answer right away.

    Let us know how it goes.


  • Dan Purcell

    +1 for Linux support.

  • Jyotirmay

    +1 for Linux

  • Oddvar Bjørn

    don´t give up for linux client.

  • scotru

    +1 linux support (commnd line too please!)

  • Dima

    +1 for the linux version

  • Ray

    Please create a linux client or open up a rync/ssh route for us.

  • Shiv

    +1 for a Linux solution please!

    If you guys don’t want to develop a full-fledged linux client, atleast give us a simple-crossplatform solution like WebDAV or SFTP! That’s not much to ask, is it?

  • stefanos

    windows mozy home user. just completed uploading 170GBs of files and everything went good.

    planning switching totally to ubuntu 10.10 so pleeeeease… do the magic and announce a client for linux (at least ubuntu).

    happy mozy user. pls make me happier by releasing ubuntu support

  • Lars

    I am a happy mozy user on Windows, but I’m in the process of switching to ubuntu linux. I would like to continue using Mozy, but we need to close my account unless its supported on linux. Please add support, I love mozy!

  • Matt

    I would also love a Linux client. Or if you guys don’t want to put the effort into that, release the details of the API so that the community can write a Linux client.

  • Cmelak Igor

    Linux, linux, linux !!!! :)

  • Arcond

    I would love a Linux client!

  • Benjamin Crudo

    about to switch to ADrive unless Ubuntu support comes soon… ‘nough said?

  • Jurgen

    If you come up with a linux client I’m in… mozy has a good deal but I would use it the most on my netbook wich uses linux ofcourse so common mozy! :)

  • Devenv


  • Ken Kendall

    I just opened up a Cox business account in part because they offer 25 gigs of online backup free with their service.
    Turns out they are too lazy to set this service up them self and went with a third party provider, Mozypro. In my opinion this service is a a gimmick, how can they advertise as having a “Professional” service and not support industry standard protocols that have been around for 20+ years, FTP, SFTP, RSYNC.. Without this support my new service is 100% useless to me.

    Ken Kendall

  • Daniel

    Linux Client Please!!!!

  • http://jigglywiggly jigglywiggly