Client Update: Mac 1.6.1

We’re proud to announce the maintenance release of Mozy for Mac 1.6.1! Here are a few highlights from this latest release:

  • Improved external hard drive support
  • Faster spotlight integration
  • More efficient logging
  • Various stability improvements
  • Localization fixes for multiple international markets

To see the full release notes and download the new client version, check out our update sections for MozyHome and MozyPro. Please note that you don’t have to download and install the new client manually, as your old client will auto-update.

Finally, we are constantly looking for ways to improve Mozy, so if you have any comments or suggestions, please email us at!

  • Ensoniq

    I see that 1.6.2 is available now…and once again, Mozy did not inform me there was an update, and certainly did not install it automatically. Clicking the “Check For Updates…” menu option told me I had the latest version. So I had to manually download 1.6.2 and install it by hand.

    This is under Mac OS 10.6.2 with all Apple Software Updates installed. Hopefully this bug will eventually be resolved. I continue to state that “Automatic Update” has never once worked for me in any version of Mozy. Thanks.

  • Arthur Kessner


    I’m interested in Mozy providing Remote File Access.
    Your competitor, Carbonite, provides this.

    Very important to me.

    When will you have such an addition to Mozy??

    Thank you.

  • Cardy

    That’s odd…. I’m already running 1.6.2?

  • James

    Why is my Mozy for Mac version 1.6.2 when your latest Email said that the current version is 1.6.1?

  • Matt Ballien

    Does this mean I can get re-started with MozyHome?

  • Matt Ballien

    Don’t forget – my account is paid up!

  • kathleen matthews

    I am currently running mozyhome for mac version 1.6.2 (50103) – How does my version relate to the Mac 1.6.1 announced Feb 2nd?

  • arnaud farcy


    In your update you say that you improve the external hard drive support. I would like to know if we can now back up a NAS drive from a MAC? I still can’t figure out how to do this. Note that my NAS is a Synology.


  • Dave

    I use the mac client to backup a lot of data (700 GB+), but my home internet connection only has 2mb upload. This makes the initial backup very time consuming and sometimes tedious. I have been told that if a backup stops for whatever reason, it will simply resume from the stopping point. Unfortunately, I haven’t found this to necessarily be the case. I have needed to start and stop my backup many, many times, and it is very hard to tell if the backup is resuming, as it starts from the beginning and possibly skips past files that have been previously backed up (there is no way for me to confirm this. I would like to see the mac client show the backup status more clearly, especially if it is a large backup that needs to be resumed (possibly multiple times). Have it actually resume at the percentage it was previously at. Thanks for the great service, and I hope to stay with you guys for quite a while.

  • Ian C.

    But I’m already at 1.6.2 apparently!

  • Norm Gregory

    How do I tell which version I have. I see no “About” tab or page.

  • JohnB

    I’ve been running Mac MozyHome “1.6.2 (50103)” for quite a while. How can 1.6.1 be a new update?

  • Henry Kumagai

    What versions of MAC do you support?

  • leighvh

    Mine didn’t auto-update either — it just stopped updating for eight days.

    I’m with Ensoniq — auto-update has never worked for me in the entire time I’ve been using Mozy, which is coming up on three years now.

  • robertnsj

    I, too, already have v 1.6.2!

  • Lance

    I noticed my client for Windows updated to version 2, however there is no mention of the new version anywhere on the Mozy website. I was wondering what the new improvements are in the new version.

  • Jason Frovich

    Version 2 is now out for Apple Mac.
    When will you post info on that?