Mozy and Windows 7

If you’re into computers, (and if you’re reading this, we’re willing to bet that you are) this is a pretty exciting week. We saw the release of some new Apple hardware earlier in the week, and Microsoft is releasing Windows 7 this week as well. With all this newness, we feel it’s important to remind you that you need to protect all that newness.

That’s why we recommend getting Mozy for your new stuff (be it Windows or Apple). After all, we’ve done thorough testing on both Snow Leopard and Windows 7 and Mozy works well on both. Just use the coupon code SAVE10 to get 10% off any new subscription to a 1- or 2- year MozyHome Unlimited plan! And if you’re upgrading to Windows 7 this week, remember to be safe and back up first!

  • Johanes

    Now I am just waiting on that Mozy to work on Ubuntu!?

  • Chris Halpin

    It would be nice to see some proper Windows 7 clients soon, especially as I’ve just been told in no uncertain terms by customer support that “we are not supporting Windows 7″.

  • Helge

    Is anyone else having problems with “Open file support is disabled (SnapshotError1)” even if I have enabled this setting. It came after installing W7.

  • Andrew

    Mozy isn’t working on my Windows 7 machine. It tells me it’s backing up 300MB but completes in less than a minute. I have a fast internet connection but not that fast!

  • Thomas Adams

    i cant install mozyhome on my windows 7, it tells me that i cant find mozyfilters while im installing

  • Uwe van Uum

    Mozy service doesn’t start on my Windows 7 Ultimate – getting Event-ID 7000 and 7009 where source is Service Ctrl Manager – any ideas ?

  • Eon Pul

    On Windows 7 Mozy will get to 100% on my first file, then my system blue screens every single time. Please spend a little more debugging time on Windows 7 support, as I really need this to work.

  • Emil Atanasov

    Unfortunately it is NOT true that Mozy works properly (all the time like it should) on Windows 7. Very often it gets stuck at “Preparing to Backup” for hours and clicking Cancel doesn’t do anything. Like right now.
    Also, double-clicking the icon on the taskbar doesn’t bring up the status window. You have to go and manually run MozyHome Status from the Start menu.
    Feels very unreliable – I can’t tell when it is actually backing up or not. I just paid for an entire year subscription and am not confident at all that I’m being sufficiently protected. I’m disappointed that Mozy doesn’t release more frequent updates for bug fixes, of which you guys have many.

  • Chad Strohm

    Mozy does not work on windows 7. I have been going in circles with support for over a month now because it gets to .2% encoding then stops. Sometimes I get a connection 3 error some times a server error.

    The steps mozy support has had me do 3-4 times now all which do not fix the problem.

    1. Reinstall mozy
    2. check your hard drive space
    3. make a registry change for bandwidth
    4. Crash explorer and rename the manifest.dat file

    In between all of these 3-4 times they have told me their is a server issue and they are waiting on “trak” ticket to come back to know when it is fixed.

    Still my mozy is broke, I am paying for , support keeps going in circles and still the problem is not fixed.
    I have asked for a number to actually talk to someone because obivsouly their not reading where i have said I have already did all of this multiple times.

    I have enough space 2 terabytes! I have enough bandwidth 15 megs/s and I have renamed the manifest and i have reinstalled.


    (note: this will be posted on every website I can find and switch to some a competior and will delete if mozy can ever fix the problem)