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Mozy Stash

With a feature named Mozy Stash, how could we not love Movember? We’re big fans of the movement, mustaches, and men’s health in general. To celebrate this joyous occasion, we’ll be growing our mustaches, carving cars out of wood, barbecuing, and helping old ladies cross the street.

We’ll also be donating at least $1,000 to the cause at the end of this month. Join us in spreading the news! For every 20 times this page is shared, we’ll add an additional $400 to our donation, up to $5,000 total. Tweet this page now or click here for other sharing options!

Current donation progress – $5,000 – We met our goal!

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You could win with Mozy Stash

Participate in our ‘Show us your Stash contest‘ on Facebook and our ‘Guess the Stash‘ contests on Twitter during the month of November. You could win awesome prizes like:


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Mozy Stash Desktop Wallpapers:

Add some awesome to your computer desktop with one of these premium Stash desktop backgrounds.

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Mozy Stash Smartphone Wallpapers:

Don’t let your desktop have all the fun. Take the Stash magic with you wherever you go on your mobile phone.

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Mustaches are Awesome

So we made an infographic about them – See who made mustaches famous and who followed - you know you want to. Who could resist that much ‘stache awesomeness? Click to tweet the entire infographic!

Mozy Mustache Infographic


Mozy Stash

Download Mozy Stash Free:

Are you curious about the awesomely-named Mozy Stash? Besides being one of the main reasons we were able to talk our bosses into donating to Movember, this great addition to Mozy’s backup capabilities lets you sync your files between computers and mobile devices – no USB drives or emailing files to yourself needed!

Just like the iconic facial hair it shares a name with, Mozy Stash is jam-packed with awesomeness. It will help you scale Mountain Everest, increase your bicep size, and impress pretty ladies with your labradoodle puppies. Plus, it doesn’t require wax, grooming, or trimming. Get Stash to sync files for free!


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