Mac 1.4.3 Update

The 1.4.3 Mac release for MozyHome and MozyPro is now available to download at and at, which fixes the Time Machine/Time Capsule issue.

Earlier this week a bug was discovered in our 1.4.1 Mac release that affected our customers who were using Time Machine with Time Capsule or Time Machine with a network share of another Mac. But the issue did not affect all of our Mac customers. Those who don’t use Time Machine were not affected, and those who use Time Machine with a locally connected external drive were not affected.

During the process, our engineers worked tirelessly to diagnose and fix the issue.  This latest version has undergone a rigorous testing process, and we are confident this solves the problem. We apologize again to everyone who ran into the issue.

  • Michael Davie

    Thanks for all your hard work on this.

  • Daniel Drucker

    Will Mozy auto-update itself, or does this need to be installed by hand?

  • Alex

    Hey guys,
    you know what that cost me?
    - Many hours (>10) trying to determine the problem
    - A useless trip to the GeniusBar
    - Loss of one year worth of Time Machine back-ups for 2 computers

    Bugs happen, but the consequences would have been far less severe IF
    - Mozy would not silently update itself – I couldn’t “connect the dots” between my Time Capsule problems and the fatal Mozy self-update I didn’t know about.
    - You would have sent out an alert email for such a difficult-to-diagnose (even if rare) issue with data loss (even if “only” Time Machine back-ups).

    I nearly decided to ditch Mozy and switch to a competitor. But I give Mozy one more chance, since this is the first incident and I am otherwise happy with Mozy.
    However, I would humbly suggest that you give some extra free storage space to affected customers.

    Best regards,

  • David Gaus

    I update to this version, but now am unable to log into it on my Mac, it will not accept my password, however, it is the correct password when logging in on the Mozy site. And I am still having issues backing up to the Time Machine.

  • Jackie

    Like countless other Mozy customers using Time Machine/Time Capsule, I have spent the past several days trying to trouble-shoot this problem. I cannot fathom why Mozy made NO effort to advise customers of the problem as soon as it was uncovered. Like many others, I’ve lost all the data on my Time Capsule after being forced to reformat the drive — when all the other trouble-shooting was unsuccessful.

    How do you justify the fact that you can email us regularly about subscription fees and the like, but you can’t notify your customers when your programming mistakes put their data and backup systems in jeopardy?

  • mike

    As Mozy users, we tore our hair and wasted countless hours out trying to fix Time Machine before finally stumbling over this Mozy fix. Why wouldn’t Mozy blast an email to its users for something this important? Incredible.

  • devin

    You bring up a valid point. I understand how annoying and confusing this must have been for our customers who were affected.

    Of our Mac customers, only a portion of them were using Time Machine with Time Capsule. The rest use Time Machine with another locally connected external drive. We were concerned that we would be pulling a unnecessary fire alarm for the majority of our customers if we sent an e-mail since most of them were not affected by the issue and our database doesn’t tell us who is using Time Capsule and who isn’t.

    That said, we wanted to be responsive and helpful. So we opted to respond in the Apple Forum, on Twitter and on our own blog rather than blasting all our customers with an e-mail. The feedback here from each of you, though, is helpful. If something likes this happens again, we may opt to send the e-mail rather than responding only in the forums and on twitter.

    Devin Knighton

  • Lake Perriguey

    What is the current status? While my Time Capsule is backing up again, I have lost all my logs on Mozy and Mozy is not backing up.

  • David

    I never would have found this update if I hadn’t stumbled across the phrase “Mozy fix” in the Macintouch headlines.
    I never would have thought to follow you on Twitter, read your blog, or look in the Apple forums – how did you think it possible that people having this problem – like me – would ever think to connect Time Machine and Mozy as a broken interaction when it had never been the case before?

    Send out the mass email next time.

  • ed

    it would have been nice if you’d informed your “customer service” reps about the issue so that at least people (like me) who contacted you about the issue would have had the necessary info to let me know what was going on.

    also, was the fix for network drives in 1.4.3 to just disallow backing up from them? i’m no longer able to select any of my network drives for backup with the latest version?

  • dusponda

    Where is the linux version!? It’s a great service, but I will need to stop using it, because I’m moving to Linux.

  • Arthur

    I agree on the linux question. Your competitors have had a client and/or at least an rsync address which works perfect, so to swich to something with less functionality just does not make sense.

    Their suggestion, get a server license, setup samba, share your linux folder, backup from a windows box. Not a good practice I would say!

  • Mikey

    Please release 64bit mac version for us snow leopard users.

  • Doug

    Well, the 1.4.3 update completely hosed Mozy on my machine – I’ve reinstalled, removed and readded my machine from the server, etc and no solution. I have sent several support requests including crash dumps and client logs with no response, and no status updates on if/when the problem will be fixed. I’ve been using Mozy for several years with no issues, but if this is the way you handle support, I’ll go somewhere else.