You can’t forget if you never have to remember

Businesses often overlook the critical data being created and stored on employee desktops and laptops. An increasingly mobile workforce means more employees working away from the protection of the corporate network. And then there’s tape backup. Ever try to recover from that? Mozy asks, why leave your company’s data to chance when there is a secure, offsite, and completely automated solution readily available?

Most of a company’s critical files are stored on employee desktops and laptops, and yet studies show that more than 90 percent of all business workstations are not being backed up (according to the Contingency Planning and Strategic Research Corporation). Desktops and laptops are especially susceptible to many risks—hard drive failure, coffee spills, theft, or loss—that can compromise data security, but Mozy’s “set it and forget it” method of backup eliminates the possibility of file loss due to theft, damage, human error, or mechanical malfunction. And now Mozy includes file sync with every business backup plan, giving your employees access to their critical files wherever they’re working. Let Mozy help you take the pain out of backup.