Consultant battles ransomware with Mozy

Cyberthreats are a major concern within the marketplace and for his clients. “In the past two years, Mickler & Associates has helped recover data for 11 clients, data loss that was attributed to cybercrime,” Russell Mickler says.

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Sleuth recovers laptop with clues from Mozy

Mozy customer Paul easily recovered his data when his Mac disappeared after a trans-Atlantic flight. But that's not the real story. He combined his own ingenuity and relentless detective work with the reliability of the MozyHome solution, and tracked down the thieves who helped themselves to his computer.

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Reseller grows its business with Mozy

Sinu IT, a Mozy Reseller, relies on Mozy to take their customers’ cloud backup from at-risk to protected quickly. “Mozy has been incredibly disruptive in bringing a very robust solution to the marketplace at a very affordable cost,” says Sinu’s David Owen.

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Mozy provides insurance after break-in

"A few years ago we had a break-in; they had broken through the wall,” says Daniel Dye, an agent at Advance Insurance. “Among cash, some tools and some other things, they took a computer that had some important data on it. We didn’t care about the other stuff, but the data was gone."

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Mozy ensures constant coverage worldwide

"To protect against data loss, we wanted to take the backup decision out of the user's hands,” says J.D. Shane, Desktop Support at Agilysys. “Instead of each user controlling when and how often they backed up, Mozy ensures constant coverage."

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IT provider enjoys hassle-free backups

This leading provider of IT used external hard drives for backup, which was spotty and undependable. Agilysys then turned to Mozy for a hands-free, reliable, and affordable alternative for its worldwide offices. “Recent improvements in Mozy’s Administrator Console have made my job easier,” says J.D. Shane, Desktop Support at Agilysys.

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CEO restores company website via online backup

Backing up remote users was too time-consuming and expensive for Scott Zimmerman, president and CEO of Altek Solutions, Inc., until he found MozyPro. "With Mozy, I don’t have to worry if our servers and laptops are being backed up. I can just run my business."

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Mozy means flood-proof protection for your files

Flood waters caused considerable damage to the Kerr home, inside and out, but the family's most important digital documents—including hundreds of photos of their new baby—were never in danger, thanks to Mozy cloud backup. “Thanks for saving our bacon, Mozy!”

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Mozy serves ideal solution to restaurant group

"We don't have a large corporate office, and we look for every opportunity to minimize the effort and people it takes to run our business so we can use our time more productively,” says Rena Graver, COO of Balcony Restaurant Group. "Mozy's automation made cloud backup very appealing."

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Credit union protects the money, Mozy protects the data

"When people trust you with their money, you have a duty to protect not just their investment but the data that relates to it as well," said Paddy McCarthy, acting general manager at Ballincollig Credit Union. In the event that their system goes down, they know data for their 15,000 members is safely backed up and accessible with Mozy.

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Bank invests in simplicity, quality, and lower costs

"The simplicity of Mozy is great for a small business, but the features are so enabling and well- designed that Mozy is ideal for larger companies as well,” says Rick Razum, IT director at The State Bank of Geneva. “The quality of product for an affordable rate is unmatched."

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Mozy helps homeowner recover from fire

"I keep telling all my friends: You've got to do it, you've got to have backup you can rely on," says Beth Lutz. "Hopefully you don't need it—I never thought my house would burn down!—but if something does happen, you're protected."

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Car thief not fast enough for Mozy backup

"Mozy's like insurance—you buy it hoping you'll never need it,” says Bob Iles, a five-year MozyHome customer. Fortunately, Mozy was there to help him recover data and reclaim his property from a very unexpected kind of attack—a car theft!

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Bow-WOW! Mozy makes all the difference

After losing her data a couple of times, Lauren Rick, owner of Bone-A-Fide Dog Ranch, decided that she needed a daily backup plan. “Mozy has been a great experience,” she says. “The setup was really easy and their customer service has been wonderful.”

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Striving for excellence includes cloud backup

For the BYU Marriott School of Management, money must be spent wisely and on proven, critical technology. "With Mozy, we know how much it costs each month and we believe that it’s worth the expense,” says Shane Allred, director of technology for the Marriot School of Management.

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Mozy puts smile on dentist’s face

“Mozy gives me the peace of mind to know that I don’t have to worry about backup anymore,” says Las Vegas dentist Dr. Robert Earl. “If we have something go down then it can be re-created and we can be up and running again. There is no price that can be put on that kind of peace of mind.”

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Mozy tools generate leads, seal deals for partner

“Mozy’s marketing platform and the program they offer to go along with that are very powerful tools to use to generate leads and to close business,” says Darien Yamin, chief marketing officer at Cornerstone, a Mozy Partner. “Mozy is committed to our success and helping us generate profitable revenue.”

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Financial services company invests in Mozy

Mozy helps Dreambuilder Investments safeguard against disaster and focus on higher-level business operations while saving the company more than $5,000 each year. “Thanks to

Mozy, I now have more time to concentrate on higher-level business operations,” says Jonathan Snyder, CTO and VP of operations.

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Mozy restores memories like the way they were

Accidentally saving an edited image or document over the original is one of the easiest ways to lose your data, and it's happened to almost everyone who has ever sat down in front of a computer. When it happened to Donna Saffren, it was heartbreaking.

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Mozy provides security, flexibility to workforce

"We wanted something that didn't require our users to be in an office or on a VPN to use,” says John Cowen, Windows system administrator at Dynamex. “Mozy cloud services offered the ability to keep our users continually backed up. Mozy has been a huge time-saver."

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Mozy adds up for accounting firm

"I would recommend Mozy to any business because it meets all the important criteria for a business to feel confident that their data is secure,” says Paul Emmons, founder of accounting firm Emmons & Co. “It is offsite, automatic, and gives quality protection at an affordable price."

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Consulting organization comfortable in the cloud

"We needed to go to the cloud and obtain a solution that could help us protect and control our data," says James Petre, eVerge Group IT manager. "Mozy doesn't require a lot of administration, which is nice when there's one IT manager for 137 employees."

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Hey (hey), you (you), get on Mozy’s cloud

“We chose MozyPro because it’s fast and for its customer service,” says Chris Lloyd, one of the founders of Hey Advertising. “Mozy is fast. Fast is good! Customer service is wonderful. There are people who answer the phone, people who know what they’re talking about when it comes to our Mac-based office.”

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Backup restoration no longer IT pain point

Itron switched from two legacy vendors to Mozy as their primary cloud backup provider. "Backup restoration used to be the number one IT pain point,” says Dylan Pegoraro, IT operations manager at Itron. “Now we have no problem with it, and that has made MozyEnterprise very popular in our department.”

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Mozy’s cost is appealing to new law firm

“When I realized how easy to use and affordable Mozy is, the obvious choice was to make it my backup solution,” says attorney Joseph W. Booth. “It is transparent and works on its own. I can easily access the Admin Console and oversee the backups from my personal computer, but I rarely have to do anything.”

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Lesson learned the hard way: drives can fail

“There’s always the possibility that something could happen,” says Keith Roberts. “But I guess I was feeling that it would never happen to me. I never had a hard drive fail before, but this time it failed. We really needed to have a better solution than an external hard drive.”

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Dentist, professor, author, lecturer…and Mozy

Dr. Kenneth Allen, a seasoned dentist and professor, runs his own practice and teaches at the nation’s largest dental school. Add lecturing around the country, authoring articles, and conducting studies, and Dr. Allen keeps busy. He makes his professional and home life easier by backing up his data with Mozy.

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Mozy is always there for counseling center

Legacy Counseling Center is a small non-profit organization dedicated to supporting local residents with HIV and AIDS. That mission leaves little time for complicated technology, and little budget for costly IT systems. "Mozy has made it so simple to stay backed up,” says Melissa Grove, executive director.

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Mozy delivers the goods for Las Vegas UPS Store

Based on its performance, reliability, and cost-effectiveness, Dave Watson, owner of The UPS Store in Las Vegas, chose MozyPro. “Some of the things I like best about Mozy is that it’s virtually invisible, it happens in the background, but it gets the job done.”

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Mozy means stability, scalability, and security for distributor

Office product distributor Lyreco of France has dramatically improved the safety and stability of its remote users. "Since adopting MozyPro, we have had several crashed computers and a couple of stolen laptops,” says Eric de Stoop, IS manager. “Mozy made sure we had no trouble getting our data back."

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Feature-rich Mozy provides flexibility for Premier Partner

“The technology feature set in the Mozy software, client, and portal is so solid and so feature-rich that it allows us to be really flexible in customizing a solution for each of our clients,” says Mithril Technology’s Jason Aptekar, a Mozy Premier Partner. “Until we found Mozy, there was always something lacking.”

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Mozy is backup star for entertainment group

Running a business in the fast-paced entertainment industry leaves little time to manage data backups, yet like many businesses, N9NE Group depends on its data for nearly every business function. Discovery of MozyPro cloud backup has helped the company succeed with peace of mind that their data is secure.

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Landscape artist couldn’t design a better cloud

“The biggest benefit I have found in using MozyPro is the peace of mind in knowing that I don’t have to do anything once I have it set up,” says landscape artist Jeremy Fillmore of the Northland Design Group. “Our data is backed up every night, and throughout the day.”

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Lightning strike jolts business to move to cloud

After a lightning strike nearly cost Netdrafter $60,000, company president Rachel Pastirik decided to back up online with MozyPro. Now the Virginia-based web development company can access files online and run automated backups while cutting backup costs by 95 percent.

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Deleted folder structure no problem for Mozy Partner

After a client called to say that they had accidentally deleted an entire folder structure right before an RFI, Mozy Partner Ryan Barrett, CEO of Oram Corporate Advisors, was able to use Mozy’s customer portal to quickly restore the file directly to the client’s workstation.

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Mozy delivers backup and security cure for healthcare

"Stringent regulations, including HIPAA requirements, make health care data some of the most sensitive in business today. "MozyPro keeps us compliant, and eliminates any worry of losing tapes," says Ryan Hopman, project manager and systems architect at Oregon Health Systems.

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Mozy eases nurse’s pain of laptop left on plane

After a long flight, a tired and distracted Pat Iyer deplaned with an empty computer bag, accidentally leaving her laptop on the plane. "When I was done beating myself up and the shock was wearing off, I realized that my data was safe and that Mozy would restore everything I needed," says the legal nurse consultant.

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French fries for fuel, Mozy for backup

Chad Stone is the founder of PC911, a green company that specializes in business computer, networking, and telephony services. He relies on waste vegetable oil from french fries to provide fuel for his fleet of old ambulances. But he relies on Mozy to provide backup for his customers.

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Flight 1549 survivor's waterproof solution

Salesman Paul Jorgenson will never forget the afternoon of January 15, 2009. That was the day US Airways Flight 1549 was ditched in the Hudson River. Fortunately, everyone survived. “I like to say Captain Sullenberger saved my life, and MozyPro saved my work files.”

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Mozy helps company rise from the ashes

A catastrophic fire at Pelindaba Lavender consumed everything from manufacturing procedures and recipes to supplier data and packaging design. “It was amazing how quickly Mozy enabled us to get our server hardware restored and running,” says Amelia Powell, director of marketing and sales.

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Reseller depends on Mozy’s speed and reliability

Kaid Whipple, owner of Saber Technologies, uses Mozy for two primary reasons: speed and reliability. “I am very satisfied by how fast my data is able to be pushed offsite and I have had 100 percent reliability from Mozy,” he says. “Every time we have tried to do a recovery, the data is there.”

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An author's heartfelt proposal

"Due to Mozy's archive feature, I was able to recover the exact novel I had worked on the day before, saved about 20 minutes before my computer crashed, and so lost absolutely nothing in the crash. Marry me, Mozy. I'll love you forever."

—Kirby Crow

Customer's recovered photo tells yet another story

"It was heartbreaking to lose it. But then I realized that I should check Mozy. And it was so simple—the original photo was right there, waiting for me to restore it!"

—Donna Saffren

If user had a wish, he'd wish for Mozy

"When I upgraded to a new machine, I destroyed the old hard drive with a hammer so it couldn't be used again. Then I realised I destroyed the wrong one.... Now I back up all my data with Mozy."

—Jonathan N., North London

Building ongoing customer relationships with Mozy

Russell Solutions is a technology service provider that specializes in residential and business technology support. Owner Floyd Russell’s goal is to build ongoing customer relationships, not “one-and-done” fixes. The Mozy Reseller relies on the Mozy Portal to monitor and manage his clients’ backup.

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Two-hour backups seal deal for realtor

A lot happens during the course of the business day, so nightly backups didn’t close the deal for Swearingen Realty Group. “We chose MozyPro because it’s the most cost-effective and most reliable, but I think the greatest thing about MozyPro is the peace of mind that it backs up our systems every two hours,” says Jim Buddress.

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Backups never an emergency for fire station

Snohomish County Fire Department relies on 130 paid firefighters and seven fire stations to respond to medical, fire, hazardous materials, and other emergencies. When their tape backup system crashed, they switched to Mozy to ensure that backups don’t create further emergencies.

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Mozy confidential: law firm’s files remain private

Specializing in personal injury, wrongful death, and employment claims, Premier Law Group puts the needs of its clients first. For data protection, they rely on the Mozy cloud to provide secure and encrypted file storage to ensure that their clients’ files remain private and confidential.

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West Beverly Podiatry Group Runs to Cloud Backup

MozyPro has helped West Beverly Podiatry bounce back in under 20 minutes from data lost in power outages, and restored a 90 gigabyte database with minimal disruption in client services.

Midtown Montessori

Mozy protects Midtown Montessori from small calamities as well as large data losses.

Credit union scores Mozy’s daily reports high

Richard Beswick, operations manager at TNECU, relies on Mozy’s daily report sent to his inbox to verify that all machines are current with their backup. "When we found MozyPro, it was the perfect fit," he says. “The price per gigabyte is phenomenal, and data is backed up without any manual button being pushed.”

Marketingagentur aus Herborn entscheidet sich für MozyPro

Für das Backup seiner Firmendaten vertraut der mittelhessische Unternehmer auf das gleichermaßen innovative Medium Cloud: betriebswichtige Firmeninformationen sichert Schäfer über MozyPro und ist damit nicht länger auf zeitaufwändige Backup-Routinen angewiesen.

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"Wir arbeiten ausschließlich papierlos"

Die Qualität der Produkte steht dabei immer im Mittelpunkt. Aber auch eine schnelle und unkomplizierte Auftragsabwicklung ist von Vorteil. Dafür setzt das Unternehmen aus dem schwäbischen Althengstett auf ein elektronisches Dokumentenmanagementsystem. Damit diese Daten immer verfügbar sind, baut der Spezialist für Klebetechnik auf eine Online-Backup-Lösung von Mozy.

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