I was really fortunate to have switched to MozyPro when I did. Without it, I would have lost valuable information.

Stacy Karacostas knew her desktop and external drive were failing and began to search for a more reliable data backup and recovery service. MozyPro cut her annual backup costs by 83 percent and recovered all her lost information in just minutes after her computer failed.

Stacy Karacostas knows the value of remote backup. While in college she lost 18 pages of a term paper to a hard drive failure just before it was due. Sick with the flu, she scrambled to rewrite what had already been written and lost.

"You only do that once and then you never do it again," Karacostas said.

Now as a marketing strategist, copywriter, author, and speaker, Karacostas runs her own web-based company, SuccessStream. She has worked on major projects for hundreds of small businesses as well as larger companies, including Eddie Bauer, REI, Cascade Designs, Inc., and Sunny Kobe Cook of Sleep Country USA, helping them to effectively market and expand their business. With hundreds of files, drafts, and transcripts to manage, Karacostas simply cannot afford to lose any of the data stored on her desktop and laptop.

"My entire business is on the computer – my website, bookkeeping, e-books, and clients' files. If something happened to my computer, I would lose my business. The computer is the business," she said.

Troubled at the idea of another hard drive failure when her desktop was dying, Karacostas purchased an external drive, but found it tedious and time-consuming. Then the hard drive stopped working consistently and data became irretrievable. With her desktop also on the verge of a meltdown, Karacostas worried she would lose all of her information permanently and began to search for better backup options by reading technology reviews from experts, searching websites, and asking other business owners for advice.

I knew I needed an online service because I was worried about what would happen in the event of a break-in or flood, and I was tired of having equipment issues put my data at risk. Plus, I travel quite a bit and need to have access to my files from anywhere," Karacostas said. "I found MozyPro and was an early adopter of the product last December. Based on my research, it clearly beat the competition. I liked the fact there was phone support and I even called and talked to someone to get more information. It's not expensive and both my external hard drive and desktop were on their last legs, so I signed up.

Within three days, all of her data was securely backed up with MozyPro, and Karacostas had peace of mind in knowing she was protected against a future hard drive failure. Incremental backups took seconds and were custom configured by Karacostas to be performed whenever her computer had been idle for at least 15 minutes, meaning she could focus on the needs of her clients instead of her backup.

"I love coming back to my computer and seeing the MozyPro window telling me my files were successfully backed up. I feel so much better knowing I'm covered in case of an unforeseen catastrophe," she said.

Catastrophe almost did strike. Just months after signing up with MozyPro, Karacostas went to open one of her clients' folders and found half of them missing. Of the files that remained, most had been corrupted.

For one brief moment I had a heart attack," Karacostas said. "Then I remembered I had MozyPro. I restored what I was missing from the MozyPro backup folder, and ten minutes later all my files were intact again.

MozyPro's file version retrieval option even allows her to access previous file versions from the last 30 days. As a copywriter, her files are constantly changing as she edits and improves customer's copy, so if she loses a version or deletes a file, MozyPro can retrieve it for her. Even if her computer fails all together, her data is still accessible through the MozyPro website.

Running quietly in the background, MozyPro does not bog down her computer and with MozyPro's encryption, Karacostas can be sure she is the only one with access to her files. When she had questions about how the software works and how to configure the settings, MozyPro's tech support answered them all in just a few minutes.

The MozyPro support team is a great help and that matters a lot to me," Karacostas said. "I like knowing I can get someone on the phone anytime day or night.

Karacostas is so convinced MozyPro should be used by all companies that in one of her weekly newsletters, she pled with business owners to back up all of their important information.

It is so easy and inexpensive to use MozyPro that there's no excuse not to sign up for the service. No matter how small or large a business, you cannot afford to not back up your data," Karacostas said. "I pay very little each month to know that all of my files are always secure and even if disaster strikes my computer or office, my entire business will keep running.