Our previous solution required a major cash outlay for the high cost of the software and time spent on maintenance.... The price of Mozy and need to merely glance at the backups once a week solidified that it was the correct choice.

Dennis Forest en avait assez d'utiliser des systèmes de sauvegarde à bande coûteux pour protéger les données de son entreprise. Ces sauvegardes fastidieuses n'étaient pas fiables et étaient trop onéreuses pour ce cabinet comptable de taille moyenne installé dans une petite ville. M. Forest a découvert la sauvegarde en ligne MozyPro et, à présent, ses collègues et lui ne dépensent plus beaucoup pour leurs sauvegardes et savent que leurs données confidentielles sont bien protégées.

Tostevin Accountancy Corporation was established in 1944 and has been offering a range of accounting services to people in and around the California Monterey Peninsula ever since. The firm also works with national and international clients and proudly maintains long-term client relationships. Many clients have relied on the firm since the original founders first opened their doors.

Such an emphasis on client care is evident in many areas of the firm, including the partners' meticulous efforts in data backup. Dennis Forest, one of three principles in the firm, attends to administrative and data processing needs along with his accounting responsibilities. Forest had been using a recommended tape backup system for several years, but had become increasingly unsatisfied with the time-consuming, expensive solution.

The tape solution was burdensome and the system resources it required precluded the level to which the firm could efficiently run backups. The firm switched to once-a-week tape backups to save valuable time, but this, too, proved insufficient. On occasion, an employee would lose a project that took one day to create and, although there was a tape backup in place, Forest was unable to retrieve current information.

The required space and continual maintenance is a major flaw of tape backup. The service we were using went through about 12 version updates and we had to purchase four or five new tape drives, but it was never quite enough," Forest said. "Even the most current tape system is unreasonable because, though it only requires one tape, the tape must be continuously rotated or it writes over itself.

Another major drawback of the tape solution was its inability to group Microsoft Exchange with all other data. Backup support for Microsoft Exchange required a separate cost feature, only increasing the money and time spent on backups.

Forest was tired of buying software and paying license fees for a problem-ridden, unreliable solution. The firm lost data occasionally and once suffered a major loss when its backups failed. Three months worth of data, including a sequence of tax returns, was lost, and the underlying hard copy had been shredded, leaving re-creation as the only option.

I was done with tape backup and wanted something new. I began researching online services, but the quoted prices were prohibitively expensive," Forest said. "I found a PC Magazine article that focused on the business benefits of using MozyPro. The reviews were positive and highlighted the exact features I was seeking. I was pleased to learn Mozy supports Microsoft Exchange, which is critical for us.

Forest travels frequently and has enjoyed MozyPro's seamless reliability; he knows backups always occur. MozyPro allows him to focus on the work he's trained to do and gives the firm peace of mind that its data is secure and easily retrievable when needed. The volume of data MozyPro supports has impressed Forest, who feels the cost is very reasonable and likes the option of monthly payments.

Our previous solution required a major cash outlay for the high cost of the software and time spent on maintenance. With my hourly rate at $200, this didn't seem like the most cost-efficient option," Forest said. "The price of Mozy and need to merely glance at the backups once a week solidified that it was the correct choice. We saved 84 percent in backup costs by switching to Mozy.

The MozyPro customer support team aided Forest greatly during the deployment process. He felt they were very professional and responded in a timely fashion to help answer any questions. The special attention and positive experience impressed Forest, and he hasn't needed to contact support again because backups have worked automatically just the way they should.

The retrieval process from Mozy compared to pulling files from the tape solution is much faster and easier. I have restored income tax files, spreadsheets, Word documents, and QuickBooks files without any trouble," Forest said. "We pride ourselves on keeping client data available. With Mozy, we always know in the back of our minds that we can stay professional because we have our data.

About Tostevin Accountancy Corporation

Tostevin Accountancy Corporation was established in 1944 by Isabel and J.O. Tostevin as a local accounting-bookkeeping business. The full-service CPA firm is located in Monterey, California and provides accounting, tax, fiduciary, financial planning, and business consulting services. Tostevin accountants are committed to providing exceptional client service at a fair price and staff members have been carefully selected and trained to serve clients with professionalism and courtesy. For more information, visit http://www.tostevin.com.