Decho Reports Triple-Digit Customer Growth in Mozy Online Backup Among Non-Profits

SEATTLE, Washington – Wednesday, February 25, 2009 - Decho Corporation, an EMC Company (NYSE: EMC), today announced that the customer adoption for its Mozy™ online backup service to non-profits has nearly tripled over the past year, a reflection of its continued leadership in the online backup market. Chapters from nationally recognized non-profit organizations, such as the United Way of the National Capital Area and the Red Cross of Nashville, Tennessee use MozyPro® to cut IT costs associated with backup and improve overall protection against hard drive crashes, thefts and disasters.

“We use Mozy as a disaster recovery solution because it makes sense to have our critical information stored offsite and far away from the office,” said Derrick Brown, Senior Systems Administrator for United Way of The National Capital Area. “Compared to the solution we used previously, MozyPro saves us 75 percent on our backup costs while increasing our administrative control.”

Non-profit organizations have long understood the need to back up their donation records, account information and other important documentation. They understand that hard drives fail and recognize that at any moment they can lose important information if they are not consistently backing up. However, non-profits often have not been able to afford a commercial-grade solution, and have been left without a sophisticated backup option. Even those non-profits who have been able to afford on-site backup solutions remain vulnerable to data loss from disasters and theft.

“Decho’s MozyPro online backup solution is simple and cost effective,” said Daniel Royer, MozyPro Marketing Manager at Decho Corp. “It allows non-profits the ability to focus more on what is most important to them – their causes.”

Today Decho launched a new Web page dedicated to non-profit organizations, which includes a discount to the Mozy service and several case studies describing how other non-profit organizations use online backup. The page can be viewed at

Decho’s Mozy service leads the market in online backup for consumers and businesses. It has more than 900,000 users and 30,000 business customers. Collectively, Mozy customers back up more than 10 petabytes of data to Decho’s world-class data centers, which equates to more than 500 trillion pages of text.

About Decho

Decho is dedicated to helping people protect, manage and enrich their "digital echo" – the valuable and ever-growing body of personal, digital information that reverberates through their lives. Mozy, the company’s flagship offering, is the leading online backup service for both consumers and businesses, and Decho is actively developing other services. Decho is headquartered in Seattle and is an EMC company. For more information, please go to