90% of businesses believe they could benefit from cloud backup, but only 15% are using it

SEATTLE – May 18, 2012 – More than 90% of entrepreneurs and small business owners feel cloud-based backup could benefit their business, according to a recent survey by Mozy®, the world's most trusted provider of data protection and availability for consumers and businesses. While it is encouraging that so many businesses are enthusiastic about using cloud services, the survey revealed that a mere 15% of small companies actually use cloud backup to protect their business.

Approximately two-thirds do have some form of backup – which is encouraging because any cloud service should complement an existing local backup strategy – but most of these onsite methods, such as tape or DVDs, are antiquated and susceptible to failure in the event of an on-site disaster. Other studies have shown that companies that lose their data often go out of business. (Source: National Archives & Records Administration in Washington, D.C.) Many traditional backup methods cost up to 80% more than a cloud backup solution like Mozy.

Consequently, Mozy is celebrating National Small Business Week next week by reminding small businesses everywhere that there's never a better time to backup online than now – both to protect their business and to save money in the process.

Small businesses have been the backbone of the U.S. for generations, shaping the country's professional, political and economic landscape. As a major driving force behind the current U.S. economic recovery, more and more small businesses are embracing cloud services to improve efficiencies, which in turn provide employees and entrepreneurs with increased flexibly to expand their businesses. Mozy is honoring small businesses in the U.S. by offering 10% off MozyPro® if they sign up for a one or two-year plan during National Small Business Week, May 20-26. (Use the promotion code mozySMB.)

"At Mozy, we celebrate small businesses every day," said Russ Stockdale, General Manager of Mozy. "We hear story after story of businesses who were saved thanks to online backup, and feel fortunate to be helping many of them reduce the time and money spent on IT, allowing them to focus on their business operations and growth."

With millions of users, including more than 80,000 businesses, Mozy wants to recognize a few of its valued business customers who have adopted cloud services to help their company flourish:

Bone-a-Fide Dog Ranch. Lauren Rick learned from painful experience that hard drive failures lead to data loss. Consequently, when she took over as owner of a dog care business she turned to MozyPro to protect her data. Watch the MozyPro success story here.

Pelindaba Lavender, a farm in the San Juan Islands, WA, suffered a catastrophic fire in May 2009 that destroyed everything, including the company's servers and valuable business data. Fortunately owner Stephen Robins was prepared with MozyPro and quickly rebuilt his business. Watch the MozyPro success story.

PC911, a Las Vegas-based eco-conscious computer business, uses retired ambulances that run on waste vegetable oil to quickly reach customers to treat their "sick" computers. Owner Chad Stone prescribes that all his business customers use Mozy. It's one thing that is not negotiable with PC911's service. Watch the MozyPro success story.

Advance Insurance experienced a burglary in its Las Vegas headquarters that could have devastated its business. A computer containing valuable data was stolen. Luckily the company was backing up with MozyPro and so was able to restore the data and quickly to get back on its feet. Watch the MozyPro success story.

National Small Business Week serves as a way to recognize the contributions small businesses are making every day – from the entrepreneurs who built the businesses, to the employees that make them go.

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