Online backup leader bolsters Mozy Reseller Program through a new portal, co-branding, improved reporting, and accreditation program

SEATTLE — Wednesday, Feb. 23, 2011 — Mozy™, the industry-leading online backup service from EMC Corporation (NYSE: EMC), today announced significant enhancements to the Mozy Reseller Program, including the launch of a dedicated reseller portal; co-branding opportunities; advanced reporting capabilities; and a new reseller accreditation program, which provides higher-revenue opportunities and reseller training. Mozy's 6,000 resellers provide MozyPro® online backup to small and medium-sized businesses. Complete information about the Mozy Reseller Program and the enhancements included in today's announcement are available at

Reseller Portal

Foremost among the program enhancements announced today is the Mozy Reseller Portal, Mozy's new online extranet that gives accredited resellers access to the program information they need, directly from the source. Resellers can now access MozyPro collateral, including case studies, product documentation and training courses as well as valuable marketing tools to help drive sales. In addition, the portal includes access to the Mozy Support portal, which provides customers and partners the ability to post questions and discuss best practices with other resellers.


Another key highlight of the Mozy Reseller Program improvements is co-branding, in which Mozy now gives qualified resellers the ability to prominently feature their company's brand. Resellers will be able to display their logo both in the Mozy client and in the web system– their personalized sub-domain found at https://"resellername" MozyPro co-branding reinforces the reseller's relationship with a proven industry leader. In addition, Mozy ingredient branding ("powered by Mozy") will also be displayed.

Advanced Reporting

Mozy has also upgraded the Mozy Administrative Console, including new advanced reporting capabilities. Specifically, eight new reports now available in the MozyPro Admin Console give resellers a consolidated view of all the backups, resource and overdraft usage, and purchases across multiple user groups. Reports can be exported and sent to administrators and customers, and can also be set to run automatically or on-demand.


The new Mozy Accreditation Program announced today gives qualified resellers the ability to rise through the program through a tiered system that grants additional discounts and benefits through merit. With enhanced discounts, opportunities for co-marketing, and lead generation, MozyPro Authorized, Accredited and Premier Resellers can more easily increase overall profitability by reselling MozyPro. In addition, resellers can now take advantage of web-based training on the tools they will use to sell, deploy, configure and manage the MozyPro service for their customers and on selling MozyPro.

"This is a great day for Mozy resellers," said Dave Robinson, Vice President of Marketing at Mozy. "Today's announcement shows how serious we are about the Mozy Reseller Program and about making a bigger commitment to the success of our current and future resellers. We have listened to their ideas and suggestions and are answering with a much stronger support system that gives them greater revenue opportunities in reselling MozyPro. In addition they give their user groups the peace of mind by having their data backed by Mozy and EMC, the world's most trusted brand in data storage and security."

"We're very excited about the enhancements Mozy has made to the program itself and the tools they're offering us to help Mozy be a viable part of our product portfolio," said Martin Joseph, President of 360IT Partners. "They are listening, and I'm more excited than ever about the long-term growth opportunity for us with Mozy."

MozyPro is also available through EMC's Velocity partner program. For more information see

About Mozy

Mozy is the world's most trusted online backup service for consumers and small businesses with more than one million customers, 70,000 business users and 70 petabytes of information stored at its multiple data centers around the globe. Mozy was acquired by EMC Corporation in 2007 and operates as part of Decho Corporation, an EMC company. More information can be found at

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