EMC subsidiary launches French version of the world’s most trusted online backup service for businesses and consumers.

Paris – September 2, 2010 – Mozy™, the industry-leading online backup service from EMC Corporation (NYSE: EMC), today announced the launch of Mozy in France through the French-language versions of its client and website at www.mozy.fr.

Since the launch of the English-language version of Mozy in 2005, the solution has enjoyed significant success amongst French-speaking users, prompting the company to bring greater focus to the French market with local language versions of the website, software and support services. Mozy brings a mature product to France, opening shop with version 2.0 of the software client. With improved ease of use and greater functionality, Mozy 2.0 is available in two formats; MozyHome, for consumers and MozyPro for businesses.

MozyHome has been designed to meet a variety of consumer backup needs, such as protecting photographs, music and personal documents.

Users with less than 2GB of data, can use MozyHome for free but, for just €4.99 per computer, per month, users can back up an unlimited amount of data.

The free version of MozyHome is available for download at www.mozy.fr/home/gratuit.

MozyPro has been designed for business users, offering additional functionality over MozyHome and the ability to manage multiple users through a powerful but easy-to-use admin console.

The admin console allows managers to create user groups with distinct parameters for the frequency of back up and for backup file types to allow administrators to manage the cost of their company’s backup.

Mozy online backup, can avoid unpleasant surprises by providing quick, easy and secure backup:

Quick and Simple: It takes just a few clicks for users to install the client and to select and save their backup preferences. From then on, back ups will occur systematically and their digital lives are automatically protected.

Secure: The service provides safe and secure online backup by encrypting all data on customers’ computers using a customer’s own 256-bit personal AES encryption key or Mozy’s 448-bit Blowfish encryption key before it’s sent to a Mozy data centre. The data is then sent to Mozy’s data centres via a secure 128-bit SSL connection, the same encryption used in online banking.

In addition to selling the product direct to customers, Mozy also runs a successful channel sales programme, which has attracted over 4,000 resellers worldwide. To find out more about the programme, or to become a Mozy reseller, visit http://mozy.fr/pro/resellers/.

About Mozy

Mozy is the world’s most trusted online backup service for consumers and small businesses with more than one million customers, 60,000 business users and 50 petabytes of information stored at its multiple data centers around the globe. Mozy was the first company to offer a fully featured free online backup service. Mozy was acquired by EMC Corporation in 2007 and now operates as part of Decho Corporation, an EMC company. More information can be found at www.mozy.com.