The Daily Commute

If you think that big data only exists in data centers, think again!

A massive amount of data is now being stored on laptops, smartphones and other mobile devices. And, what’s more, that data gets put at risk of loss, theft and damage twice a day as workers tote it around on their daily commute.

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Irrational Fears

People held back by irrational fears at work

Thirty-seven percent of projects are blocked by management due to irrational fears while 84 percent of workers harbor irrational fears of their own. New research exposes what's holding businesses back.

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Lost and Found Report

New research from Mozy highlights the impact of data loss in the U.S. and internationally.

The amount of data that we’re carrying around with us on laptops, smartphones and tablets keeps growing but, with 70 percent of people having lost a data storage device, that data can literally slip through our fingers.

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