84% of people held back by irrational fears at work

Thirty-seven percent of projects are blocked by the board due to irrational fears while 84% of workers harbor irrational fears of their own. New research exposes what’s holding businesses back.

Boardroom bias

A lack of understanding leads to irrational fears of new technologies, such as the cloud at board level and these fears are passed through the business.
• 37% of projects are blocked by the board due to fear
• 57% believe the board is most frightened of new technology
• 55% companies see IT adoption as a risk
• 52% of people are hindered by IT rules
• 24% of ideas are delayed so long by IT fears that they fail to deliver

Buzzword bingo

IT managers revealed which buzzwords help and hinder their budget requests to the board.

• “Cloud” is twice as likely to help as hinder
• Synonyms can have a completely different impact
• “Collaboration” and “on demand” are the best words to add
• “Gamification” and “Infonomics” are the worst
• “Cloud” and “BYOD” are no longer four-letter words

Workplace worries

The fears that individuals have hold themselves and their businesses back.

• 84% of people harbor irrational workplace fears
• 25% fear sending embarrassing emails to the wrong people
• 8% believe the photocopier is plotting against them
• 63% are confident that technology won’t replace them
• 44% believe that computers have changed the world most
• 6% fear antibiotics and 14% fear the wheel

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