Forgotten false teeth

False teeth are some of the craziest things that turned up again and again on our lost list, with over 15 people stating that they’d been the unlucky finders of someone else’s false teeth.

Cannonballs, guns, a mummified dog and a parakeet were also found by respondents to our survey proving that no matter how precious, large or cumbersome an item is, it’s still possible to lose it.

Here’s our list of the looniest lost items our respondents found:

• 1947 Florin

• £3000 in £10 notes

• A chicken

• A handcuff key

• A hogs pudding

• A black pearl in a shell

• One Prada shoe

• Two guinea pigs

• A small antique clock

• £100,000 in vouchers

• A bag of worms

• A bowler hat

• C17th cannonball

• False teeth

• A rowing machine

• Mummified dog

• Rolex

• A gold tooth

• A safe

• A full bank deposit bag

• A samurai sword

• A cash register

• A .45 calibre handgun

• A draft screen play

• A parakeet

• A little black book

• An antler

• A cucumber in an umbrella stand

• A winning scratch card