The more frequently you carry it, the more likely you are to lose it

With more of us carrying smartphones than ever before, it’s no wonder that they are creeping up the list of lost items. It might be argued that, because we tend to take them out of our bags and pockets more frequently than other items, they are the most likely to slip through our fingers. As we use our phones to check messages, surf the web, take photos, play games, shop and even make payments, we’re forever picking them up and putting them down—and hopefully remembering where!

Graph Loss List Us

Other regularly lost items include, keys, credit cards and wallets—all things that we’re used to carrying but are small enough to escape our notice if we don’t have them with us.

Item 10 on the list, paperwork, reminds us that it’s not just technology that can put data at risk. We’re still capable of losing our printed documents too.

There were several international discrepancies in the types of items that we lose. Fashion-conscious French are twice as likely to lose a favorite item of clothing than the Brits and four times as likely as Germans. Americans are twice as likely to lose laptops as Germans and four times as likely to lose their keys. Germans however are two-and-a-half times as likely to lose their purse or wallet as Brits or the French. The dreary weather in the UK might be the reason that the Brits are half as likely to lose their sunglasses than people in any other country.