The Next Generation

    Mozy delivers the next generation of integrated cloud data protection and administrative tools for large and small businesses alike. By combining the most trusted cloud backup, file sync, and mobile access together in one service, your ability to protect and access your files has never been better.

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    Built For Big Business

    MozyEnterprise® is next generation endpoint and remote office cloud data protection built for the needs of large organizations. Mozy not only protects the data on devices inside and outside the corporate network, but also allows users to securely synchronize it across their computers, smartphones, and tablets that have been authorized for ‘anytime/ anywhere’ access. Get secure, cloud-based protection with backup, file sync, and mobile access together in a single service that provides your business the data protection and productivity-enhancing tools you and your employees need.

    New Cloud Administrative ToolsFor Enterprise ITs

    MozyEnterprise features enhanced storage management to save you time and money with storage pools. Keyless activation streamlines new user provisioning, and LDAP pull support for Active Directory allows for faster, more scalable deployments.

    New Partner Resources

    Mozy introduces new API support, allowing partners and resellers to integrate with their preferred Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) or Professional Services Automation (PSA) systems.

    Easy On Your Architecture

    EMC customers and partners can now buy and sell a cloud backup add-on to the EMC Data Protection Suite for backup based on MozyEnterprise.

    A More Productive Workforce

    An integrated Mozy Sync folder keeps files updated and available across multiple computers and mobile devices. New resumable backup functionality ensures faster initial backup times and greater bandwidth efficiency for large file types, like .PSTs.

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    New features

    MozyPro® and MozyEnterprise® are now much easier to manage, and with Mozy Sync (known in beta as Stash) we’re enabling you to keep your most commonly used files up-to-date across multiple devices and the cloud. New features include:

    A Better Administrative Experience

    Federated ID integration (MozyEnterprise only). Import specified directory information from any LDAP-enabled directory service to provision, suspend, update, and de-provision end users. Also, securely pass token-based authentication data between Mozy and your organization’s own SAML-based authentication provider for seamless user authentication and centralized credential management globally.

    Enhanced Storage Management. All users, devices, and the Sync folder use storage from a shared pool, making device-level storage management a thing of the past. You can set up pools at the Organization or User Group level.

    Keyless Activation. Provision storage and backup licenses without license keys for more streamlined deployment.

    More Complete Data Protection

    Backup, Sync, and Mobile Access – together in one plan. Back up the entire disk for full protection, while enabling end users to place their most active files in the Sync folder for synchronization and access across computers, smartphones, tablets, and the cloud.

    Resumable Backups. Mozy now has faster initial backup times and better bandwidth efficiency by ensuring that large file backups – like .PSTs – are always resumed, even if the file is changing, the backup is paused, or the device is rebooted.

    Mozy Next Gen Videos

    Russ Stockdale, GM of Mozy, talks about the next generation of Mozy by EMC.

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