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Droplets vs. files: Comparing what specific clouds can store

Just as various cloud formations are comprised of different densities of water, various cloud storage servers are filled with several types of files. Some are large and require lots of storage space, while others are small and can be packed in tightly. You can protect all of your company’s important data with Mozy’s enterprise cloud backup solution.  Sign up for our 30-day free trial.

MozyEnterprise Online Backup

Want to win new customers? Get engaged!

Ever hear of employee engagement? It is, in part, when management takes a genuine interest in employee development. When employees do a good job, they’re recognized and praised. When employees need improvement, they are coached and given the tools necessary to become better employees.

Although all employees have weaknesses—some that may never go away—those weaknesses can be minimized by focusing on developing employees’ strengths. In other words, managers should be focusing on what employees are good at.

In its latest State of the Global Workplace: Employee Engagement Insights for Business Leaders Worldwide report, Gallup Chairman and CEO Jim Clifton writes about what business leaders can do to improve employee engagement and performance at the companies they lead.

“Trying to get employees to fix their weaknesses doesn’t work,” Clifton states. “Weaknesses can’t be developed much at all—but employees’ strengths can be developed infinitely. The problem is, too many companies focus on fixing weaknesses, and this only breeds non-engagement or, worse, active disengagement.”

A whopping 87 percent of workers are not engaged, meaning they are emotionally disconnected from their work and therefore are less likely to be productive. In other words, “Work is more often a source of frustration than one of fulfillment,” Gallup reports.

What’s interesting about employee engagement may surprise you.

When leaders are doing their job to develop plans around their employees’ strengths, employees will be more productive. “When employees work from strengths, nothing motivates them to achieve more—not money, not love, not vacations, not good benefits…,” according to Clifton.

And the benefit of that productivity? Winning new customers.

Winning new customers is certainly important today, but it will be particularly important for a company’s future strength and growth. According to Gallup’s report, the world’s gross domestic product (GDP), which is the value of the production of goods and services adjusted for price changes, is US$60 trillion. In the next 30 years, that amount will more than triple to US$200 trillion. That statistic should cause any company to salivate as it anticipates gaining new customers. Within the next 30 years the global economy will have US$140 trillion of new customers.

To win some of those customers, a business is going to have to be sure that its employees are engaged. According to Gallup, “Countries that double the number of engaged employees in every company will be best positioned to win the lion’s share of the $140 trillion in new customers.”

Where does employee engagement really begin? Communication! Leaders and managers who communicate honestly and frequently with employees, and employees who communicate informally with each other, will begin to breed a culture of engagement, according to the Gallup report.

Talking to improve business isn’t just some ethereal idea that’s up in the clouds. Said theoretical physicist and cosmologist Stephen Hawking: “Mankind’s greatest achievements have come about by talking, and its greatest failures by not talking.”

So start talking and developing a culture of engagement. It’s good for managers, employees, and winning new customers.

Frightful and delightful: Haiku winners announced

Congratulations to our Frightful Computer Haiku Contest winners! Your submissions were delightful, with some even raising the hairs on our neck.  There were so many scary submissions that we nearly pulled our hair out trying to select three winners. Truly, the creativity was sufficiently creepy. Of the many submissions, the following were selected as being a slash above the rest. Each will receive a $50 gift certificate for their award-winning haiku.

Lightning flashes down.
Hard drive’s dead, but Mozy screams:
Alive! It’s aliiiive!
Daniel Gibby

he killed my hard drive
but my files, like zombies, creep
back with a vengeance.

Dark and “cloud”less night
Beware the hard drive killers
Better get Mozy
Glen McAfee

Again, congratulations to our three winners. We hope to continue our Frightful Computer Haiku Contest next year, so if you didn’t win a gift certificate, there’s always next year! Five…seven…five…I can do this… Until then, remember that by using Mozy to back up and protect your files, you’re already a winner.

My name is Mark and I work for Mozy

Editor’s note:  Mark was one of the first Mozy employees and is a familiar smiling face to all. In the early days, Mark was a team of one. These days he manages a team of five that oversees all of Mozy’s global tech documents. He is a family man and a dedicated super fan of the University of Utah. Go, Utes!


I define my workspace as…

Slightly messy with mementos from my coaching past. I tried to make it a little personal with some family photos as well.

A device I can’t live without….

My smart phone. I am on it all the time. The first thing I do when I wake up is check my mail and social media.

My work routine is…

Very sporadic. It really depends on the day, some days I am in meetings most of the day while others I am working on projects most of the day at my desk.

I do/do not listen to music at work and it helps me work better because …

It depends upon my mood. Sometimes I blast the music through the headphones while at other times I like it quiet so I can concentrate better. If I am writing a lot I prefer to not have music playing. While if I am researching something I prefer to have music playing.

The best advice I can give a recent college graduate looking to do what I do is …

Practice your writing skills. I have noticed recently that a lot of college students and graduates lack the ability to write well. I finished my MBA not that long ago and had to do group projects a lot. I was amazed at how many students couldn’t write very well.

Outside of work, I am passionate about …

Coaching lacrosse. I coached football for 5 years before moving onto lacrosse. I really enjoy sports and working with the young men on my team and getting to know them.

My eating habits are …

Terrible. I actually probably eat better at home because my wife does most of the cooking during the week. I definitely could eat healthier.

If I could be someone for a day – I would be …

Michael Jordan in his hay day especially when they were crushing the Utah Jazz.

The “secret sauce” that makes me who I am …

I think my secret sauce is to have fun doing what you are doing while working hard. For those people that know me know I am always cracking jokes and trying to have a good time.

One thing that makes me unique is….

I have a large occipital protuberance.