Innovation & Excitement at Mozy

Mozy has always been a pioneer in the online backup space. We’ve brought numerous innovations to market, ranging from our super-scalable multi-petabyte architecture to a simple user interface that keeps your data protected automatically and securely. We’ve been the first mover in many areas, including online backup for the Mac and local backup integrated with online backup. We’ve also innovated in terms of our business strategy by proving that a single product line can fulfill the needs of organizations ranging from my local bike shop to one of the world’s largest and most admired companies. We’ve also proven that small companies acquired by larger ones can continue to exist and even thrive post-acquisition. (Thanks EMC!) I am proud to be part of Mozy because of what we’ve done, and as we look forward, I’m very pleased to pre-announce some of the exciting innovations and improvements that are on the near-term horizon:

  • A totally revamped restore experience. After all, the most important part of what we do is returning your data to you when you need it. Did you know that we restored 96,941,938 files for our customers via the web and physical media (e.g., DVD) last month? If you include restores handled directly by our Mozy client software, the number becomes well over 100 million! (I was going to cite a number for the year, but there were too many ###’s and the spreadsheet blew up.)
  • The ability for our valued resellers to co-brand the Mozy service for their customers. Did you know that we have 4,500 resellers around the globe? (Thanks resellers!)
  • Expansion of our service to new geographies with full language translation, localization and support. Did you know that we have customers in over 100 countries? (Hier kommen wir!)
  • Features that go beyond online backup and allow you to leverage the data you’ve secured with Mozy for more than just recovering from a disaster. Did you know that a wildfire in grassy, flat terrain can scorch 3,000 acres in an hour? (Don’t worry, we’ll always keep our “backup & restore” value proposition even as we expand the business!)

We love to hear from our loyal fans and I’m sure there are a lot of questions about when all of this great stuff is going to happen. The short answer is that everyone is heads-down keeping everything running smoothly and working on all of the new stuff at the same time, but we can’t announce solid dates just yet. Just know that there will be detailed communication via our newsletters, press releases and website collateral at the appropriate times. Anyway, I simply couldn’t pass up the opportunity our marketing team gave me to use our blog as a forum in order to share my personal excitement about where we’ve been and, more importantly, where we’re going.  Thanks and be safe!

- Vance

VP of Operations

  • Trillian

    Great news! I’ve been waiting for some time for the ability to instantly have access to backed up versions of my files from anywere through a web interface. If the feature gets added, I’ll upgrade to a paying account for sure.

  • Marc

    I would love to be able to have a hard-drive shipped to me. Or even a blu-ray disk.
    Use case: 100gB to restore
    Sometimes, if you have a lot of data backed up, restoring it would take a lot of DVDs. So buying a hard-drive and having it shipped actually makes sense. Of course the price would be different, but it makes sense after a point. And vice-versa!
    Use case: 100gB to back up
    Be able for us to a ship a hard-drive to you to back up. Online backups can be slow with large data-sets. It would be a lot faster for me to just ship you a hard drive and have you ship it back. Again, the price for this would be a bit high, but for the speed and easy or backup up large amount of data, it makes sense.

    I would love to talk any time about other ideas I have about the service.

  • Mozy Review

    Some of the things I’m hoping to see:

    Priority backups – select which files are backed up first (most important: e-mail, documents then least important: mp3s)
    Backup to local drive first – local backups are quick, why do we have to wait for the online backup to finish?
    New Mac client – because Mozy 2.0 for Windows rocks, but our Mac friends are suffering.

    Can’t wait to hear what you have coming!

  • Raj

    Not sure I can wait for Mozy 2.0 to be released. Mozy backup has slowed my iMac down to the point it can’t be used for 20 minutes after startup; after 4 months it has yet to actually complete a single backup. Not only do I want to uninstall the software, I would like a refund for the Mozy Unlimited package I signed up for. Anyone listening?

  • Ramesh Karthik

    I’d expect two things from mozy in their latest innovation. One will the advanced file restoration utility in their mozy client and other will be a full fledged client for Linux.

    It’ll be a heart break for me even if one of them is missing.

  • thes arla

    I would really like to see mozy on Linux

  • David Eisenhower

    That’s great! Sounds like some great innovations are headed our way.

  • David

    Hoping for anywhere-access to my files from a web interface or installable program, and also improvements on the ‘reassociation’/'rebasing’ part of Mozy, which makes reinstalling your Operating System or reinstalling Mozy incredibly painful.

  • Edwas

    Hola, Come On


  • Doug

    Very nice! I love your back up storage product as it is very easy to use and very affordable! I design a lot of websites and do search engine optimization work for people and use your system to back up important dat for my business.

  • Vinod Mehra

    Great work however please share market data when it comes to backing up online for businesses – enterprise class and also the the trends. How do you see the Middle East market gearing up for the online backup?

  • Matt West

    Just wish you had a Linux version!

  • Andreas Rohlfs

    I have small business clients using Linux/Samba as fileserver.

    I would love to see a Linux version.