Mozy Enhances Stash with Major Update to Web Access

Mozy Stash just got a whole lot better. Since the debut of Stash, one of the most frequently requested features from beta users has been for a way to upload files from the web. Now with Mozy Web Access, you can.

Let’s take a fast tour of some new features in Mozy Web Access.

Mozy Web Access

  1. A tab for your Stash, and a Devices tab for your backups. Now you can easily access all of the files you protect with Mozy through a single web interface.
  2. A breadcrumb widget shows you where you are in the folder heirarchy, allowing you to jump back up to any parent folder.
  3. Switch from the default list view to a gallery view, and you can see thumbnails for each photo.
  4. The Actions panel changes dynamically depending on what you have selected. (More on this below.)
  5. You can select multiple files or folders
  6. Summary information about your selection shows in the footer.

As mentioned in the above list, different actions show in the actions panel, and that’s where you will find some great new features only available in your Stash:

  • Upload allows you to upload to the current folder
  • Create new folder lets you add a folder
  • Delete allows you to remove a file from your Stash

To be sure, this is just the first batch of Stash features we have added to Mozy Web Access. We look forward to adding more capabilities, such as renaming files or folders, or allowing you to move them as you need.

In addition to the new features for Stash, many of the new features in Web Access are available for files protected with classic online backup, too. Image thumbnails (as shown above), multi-file download, the actions panel, and many other new features work similarly when browsing files on your backed up device. I’ll cover more about general new features tomorrow in a follow up post.

Be safe, and happy stashing,

Mozy Product Management

  • Elaine Stern

    I currently use Amazon Cloud Drive to upload select files from my hard drive. Is Mozy’s Stach better than Amazon’s Cloud drive or is it pretty much the same?

  • Betsy Bell Ringer

    A friend used my pc yesterday and now I’m being told it looks like I’ve been hacked. Can Mozy help me with this?

  • Katrina

    I am using the software Family Tree Maker 2012 and I would love to use Mozy Stash, so that I can access my genealogy when I travel or for research when away from my computer. Is there a way that I can use both the software and the files that are on it?


  • Ted Haeger

    I use Amazon Cloud Drive, too. I particularly like it as a storage tool for the mp3 music I buy from Amazon. The part that I’m not so crazy about is that I have to manually upload and download the files that I store there. Consequently, I mainly use it for an archive of less important files.
    When you have Stash, anything that you put in the local stash folder on your computer gets automatically uploaded to your Stash. That means that the file will be available to you on your mobile phone (android or iphone) or tablet (iPad or Kindle Fire), as well as through any browser. And if you link more than a single computer to your Stash, any files you put in the Stash folder on one computer will stay up to date on any other linked computers.
    My guess is that you’ll probably enjoy having both ACD and Stash, using each for somewhat different purposes.

    Ted Haeger
    Mozy Product Management

  • Ted Haeger

    Mozy does not offer any services that address things like viruses and malware. If you suspect that your computer has been compromised, Mozy recommends visiting McAfee’s site ( to get assistance.

    Ted Haeger
    Mozy Product Management