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Fun and Professional Casual Friday Looks for Spring

Ah, springtime is here! Time for renewal, purge cleaning, and the welcomed freedom from winter’s bitter temperatures. With that sweet sunshine also comes the opportunity for some fun new style picks. And, for those working in the corporate world, you can use Casual Friday as your runway. Unfortunately, some can get carried away with their own interpretation of what is truly “casual” and make it look more like a Saturday morning at home. Here’s some do’s and don’ts for fresh sartorial picks that show off your personality at the office while still keeping it professional.


DON’T: flip-flops









Sure, it’s nice to give your precious little piggies some air, but flip-flops are one flimsy strap away from basically being barefoot and therefore they have no place in the office—unless your office is a beach, in which case carry on, you lucky devil.

DO: flat strappy sandals













Opt for a low-key yet classy strappy sandal look instead. Your feet will feel less restricted while also ensuring they don’t flop out or make obnoxious noises walking past a co-worker’s desk. There’s nothing more obnoxious than the ol’ “flip-flop” sound. Equally important: maintained toenails!

DON’T: platform heels











Platform heels are all the rage right now, but there’s really no place for them in the office whatsoever. There’s no need to tower over everybody to make your presence known! Save these for the Friday night after Casual Friday!

DO: vintage-inspired T-straps












A go-to look this spring is to kick it old school with classic vintage styles. A cute ’40s-esque heel is just feminine, comfortable, and adds a sweet touch of playfulness.

DON’T: your gym shoes







Of course your running shoes are no doubt the most comfortable pair of kicks you own, but unless you’re anticipating quitting your job and jetting out the door as you thumb your nose at the boss, these just don’t look good in a corporate setting.

DO: flats










Although flats doesn’t have the support of tennis shoes, some would argue their smooth and snugness to be just as comfortable. Plus, you can more easily slip them off under your desk without anyone noticing.


DON’T: ripped jeans








Our modern times love to drop a pretty penny for a pre-shredded pair of denim, but as weed-whackers are typically not allowed in board meetings, neither should these babies.

DO: cuffed skinny jeans













But we’re not taking denim away from you! It is Casual Friday, after all. Choose a sleek pair of straight-legged jeans and roll them up to pair with a nice heel or flat for a relaxed but chic statement outfit.

DON’T: sweatpants












This should go without saying, but for some reason sweatpants at work still persist. No matter how much certain brands try to dress them up and make them trendy, at the end of the day, they are still sweatpants and it will always say you gave as little effort as possible. You can and will put real pants on—the weather’s too nice to still be this lazy!

DO: vintage-inspired high-waisted slacks












Pants with a high waist and a wide leg are the secret weapon for dressing incredibly comfortably while still appearing very composed and calculated. The perfect solution to having to part with your sweatpants for just one more work weekday.


DON’T: bodycon mini












While this can be toned down with some tights, body con skirts are simply too snug and short for the office—like a tube top for the bottom half.

DO: A-line












A classic A-line skirt is always as romantic as proper and put-together. Pick out a floral one to perfectly ring in springtime!


DON’T: strappy tanks












Sure they’re cute and comfortable, but letting too much of the guns out at the office still doesn’t cut it for workplace appropriate. Not to mention it’s always freezing! Aren’t you cold? We’re always cold!

DO: patterned blouse over a strappy tank












A sophisticated way to still have a bit of a sleeveless look is to wear a camisole over a patterned sheer blouse. And yes, a camisole. Incorporating your bra into your outfit should not be a thing. Ever.

T-shirts: do or don’t?












Dress up a T-shirt by tucking it into a pair of high-wasted pants or skirt and adding either a collared shirt underneath, or a cardigan or blazer overtop. When it doubt, you can never go wrong with adding a blazer and a clean pair of shoes. Simple and chic!

There you have it, my fashionable little professionals! Welcome springtime’s temperatures and pastel palettes in these tasteful choices and be sure to start the season off with a hopefully raise-inducing style!