Make Digital Backups of Your Precious Family Photos

One very vivid memory I had growing up was the amount of time I spent looking through my family photo albums. I remember the days when I would sit down with my mother and father looking at photos, asking them questions about the very first apartment that we lived in, or about the time when we got our first dog, and about the pictures of them before I was born. Even to just go back and reminisce on that one summer when we took a family trip to Disney World brought back so many great memories and conversations. I always loved these moments.

The thought of not having these pieces of memorabilia never even crossed my mind. What if my father never had those photos developed? What if my mother never collected those photos and put them into albums? Today, in the world of digital, in the world of the cloud, I wonder the same thing about my pictures, and the moments in time that I have the responsibility to capture for future generations. Every picture that I capture now is taken through my digital camera or my smartphone. With the over abundance of ways that we can capture pictures, the need for digitally backing up these photos to one safe place is more important than ever. While it’s easy to think that by simply keeping your pictures on your camera, your smartphone, or even on your computer is secure, in actuality, it is not. What would happen if that camera or phone gets lost, or if your desktop computer crashes? How many memories will be lost if your printed photos go missing or get misplaced during a move or home relocation?

Some of our best moments in our personal history are captured through photography. Pictures give us the ability to share stories that are most important to us. It’s important to safeguard our photos so that our memories are not lost forever. Luckily there are digital backup tools that have been created to make digital storage easy and automatic. These advanced tools leave out the unnecessary manual process and time that it used to take to back up files and photos. Digital storage options that are available today allow you to access your files from your home computer or from your smartphone and download at the simple click or tap of a button. In this day and age, I wouldn’t even think twice about not backing up my important pictures.

Digitally backing up your photos allows you to save, store, and preserve everything from old family photos to those amazing, in-the-moment photos taken from your smartphone. I couldn’t imagine having my kids miss out on the cherished memories that I had as a child, looking through old photos, and reminiscing on old times. Having a digital backup system assures me that my family photos will be passed on safely for future generations to keep and share for decades to come. What methods are you using to back up your most cherished family photos?