What’s Your Business Data Loss Recovery Plan?

The New York Times warned small business owners to think about a disaster recovery plan last week. Jennifer Walzer, the author, has experience working in small businesses and understands a complete plan isn’t always possible. However, she does write that some elements of a disaster recovery plan are better than none.

According to the article, data loss is the most common business disaster. Here is the second of six steps Walzer suggests to make sure you get the right solution for your business’s needs:

“Consider backup options. Your backup must be offsite, secure and available for recovery 24/7. One popular option that meets the above criteria, with the added benefit of ease of use and automation, is online backup.” (A Small-Business Guide to Disaster Recovery)

The Baltimore-based law firm Goodell, DeVries, Leech & Dan learned that data loss can happen to anyone anytime. A senior partner was preparing for a trial in Arkansas when his computer crashed two days before the hearing. The firm had yet to implement a backup solution, so the Director of Technology, David Roden, found himself on the next flight into Arkansas.

After this, Roden began looking for a reliable solution that wouldn’t hog their network resources. Shortly after that, the firm decided on MozyPro. If a computer ever fails again, anywhere in the world, Roden will be able to manage the recovery right from his office.

MozyPro provides simple, secure, and automatic backup that can literally save your business in the event of a disaster without the large investment in time and money of other backup solutions.

  • http://www.onlinebackupsreview.com/mozy.php Mozy Review

    I’m backing up 3 computers with Mozy – nearly 200 GB of data. I also keep local backups, and check to make sure I can restore data occasionally (paranoid? maybe – but I want to make sure my data is safe).

    Mozy is the top solution out there for online backups.

  • Steve

    I’ve been using Mozy Pro for over 2 years now. Several times I’ve talked to the support team to let them know how important remote access and sharing of data is to our organization and how it would be a great benefit for Mozy to offer this type of functionality. Right now I use Mozy to backup my data and a combination software and service solution to share the same files. This means I’m uploading file changes to two different remote locations every night. I was told about 9 months ago that Mozy was planning to offer such services, but I have not seen anything yet nor anything committing to this.

    I love the way Mozy has worked for us, but other options are becoming available that offer the combined functionality which is making me reconsider my commitment to Mozy Pro.