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Two Days Before Deadline, I Lost Weeks of Work on My Business Plan

I’d been given a big assignment: Write a business plan for a new venture. I was working at a local television station and we had an opportunity to partner up with the local cable company on jointly launching a new newscast which would target the cable company’s footprint. It was an opportunity to create a new revenue stream for the TV station and a chance for me to show upper management what I could do.

The problem is that I had never written a business plan before and I didn’t really know how to attack it. I went on-line and researched business plans and found a template that I thought would work. I had two weeks to get the project done and I worked just about waking moment at night on filling the template, creating graphs, and doing projections. I was happy with the plan and confident we could make the deal work.


Two days before it was due, the unthinkable happened. I deleted the file.


Actually, I used a lot more swear words than that. I’m not sure my neighbors ever forgave me for what they heard!

To make things worse, I had violated the cardinal rule of major projects: I’d never backed the file up. I felt like an idiot.

If only…

It could have been easily resolved if I had just backed up my files. It’s so easy to keep updated copies of everything these days using an online backup service, like Mozy. It is so simple to set up. Once you do, everything you work on gets backed up automatically. So, if you ever forget to back something up, or have one of those hard drive crashes or keyboard coffee spills, you can just go online and grab a copy from the secure servers.

Backing up the file with an online service would have also given me a secure way to work on the document both at home and at work, since it would have been accessible anywhere. Instead, I took it back and forth on a thumb drive. I was able to recover some of the document from the last time I had saved it to the thumb drive, but that had less than half the document and none of the detailed charts I had spent hours working on.

Peace of mind and a good night’s sleep

If I had set up an online backup, I could have avoided two really, really long sleepless nights re-creating all of my work. It also would have made it a lot easier to look my neighbors in the face!

If the bad guys strike, is your data safe?

We talk a lot about ransomware on this blog. That’s because it’s a very real threat to your data. There is plenty of convincing data out there that attests to the significant increase in cybercrime and the consequences on personal and business data.

Europol, the organization that assists the European Union member states in their fight against crime and terrorism, reports that cybercrime offenses might have surpassed traditional crimes. In fact, Europol’s Internet Organised Crime Threat Assessment found that ransomware continues to be the dominant concern for law enforcement. That’s not surprising. In many respects, cybercriminal activity is easier and more profitable than traditional crimes. A computer provides instant access to unlimited data and records and therefore millions of opportunities for generating revenue through nefarious activities.

Interestingly, it’s not always the easy money from ransomware that provides motive for cybercriminals; it’s the data that can be harvested.

If your system is hit by malware, then what?

What would you do if your computer system were hit by malware? Would you be able to restore your data? And if you were able to do so, how long would it take to regain access to your important files? And remember this: Just because you pay the ransom doesn’t mean you’ll get your data back.

“I have seen a massive uptick in ransomware attacks,” says Michael Jehnichen, president and senior network engineer at Computer Guy Technologies; a hardware, software, IT security services provider, and a reseller of Mozy cloud backup and restore software.

“You need to have an offsite copy of your data in the event the bad guys are successful,” Jehnichen says. He recalls a recent malware incident in which one of his clients was affected by a ransomware attack.

“Fortunately, this particular client was backed up on the MozyPro service when they needed it most,” he says. “A commercial plumbing contractor called us saying that they couldn’t access their email and that all of their files were locked. Once the security breach was located and eradicated, we began the disaster recovery process and had them back up and running in under three hours.”

A data disaster isn’t inevitable

It’s certain that malware and other cyberattacks will continue to make attempts to steal, hold for ransom, or destroy your data. But being a victim of a data disaster isn’t inevitable. Mozy by Dell acts as a second line of defense against ransomware and other types of cyberattacks.

Read more about Jehnichen’s experience battling ransomware and why he says he can count on Mozy.