Backing Up Hundreds of Gigabytes with Mozy

From time to time, we hear from customers with hundreds of gigabytes of data who complain about the length of time it takes to complete their initial backup. We realize that it can be painful to get all your data backed up for the first time, and we’re constantly working to alleviate that pain, including optimizing bandwidth distribution for blazing backup speeds.

However, a customer may still face limitations from his or her own Internet service provider. The problem is that providers often compete with one another by providing faster and faster download speeds, but they don’t often provide faster upload speeds. As a result, initially backing up hundreds of gigabytes online can take quite a bit of time.

The good news is twofold. First, if Mozy is interrupted in the middle of a long backup, it will automatically pick up where it left off the next time it resumes. So don’t worry if you have to restart your desktop, or you need to close your laptop. Second, once the initial backup is complete, the subsequent backups run much faster because Mozy backs up only the incremental changes to the files or folders. In addition, if you’re worried about a long backup taking up all your system resources, Mozy provides customers with bandwidth throttling and scheduling options, so customers can control how many resources Mozy consumes and when.

While backing up hundreds of gigabytes takes some patience, the benefit of having automatic, secure off-site protection is worth it. And now with our new bandwidth optimization, you can get through that first initial backup faster than ever before.

  • xcobar

    Yes, and that´s why Mozy works in background.
    Anyway, after initial backup, everything goes faster and the “sense of security” is really tranquilizing.

  • Gregory Suvalian

    Mozy is limited upload speed on their side as well to 5 Mbps for home users, so it’s not only ISPs fault in this case.

  • John aughey

    I’m sure this has been suggested before, but if users could send data DVDs and/or external hard drives in the mail that could reduce time trying to load gigabytes of data over a slow dsl line.

    I do this with my rsync backups. Take the disk onsite, do a local backup, then take it remote for the nightly syncs.

  • Adria Richards,

    I can vouch for this. The most I’ve ever backed up with Mozy is 46GB because I wanted to test Mozy’s servers and the true capacity I had on the personal account for $4.95!

    My clients who are on the Mozy Pro plan seem to get better upload speeds. Mozy?

    The best solution I’ve found is to do image backups and combine those with Mozy for bullet proof protection.

    I recently blogged about Mozy as an awesome service on my blog:

  • JD

    I’m currently in the process of uploading 300GBs of data. I have blazing fast internet with up to 6GBs upload speed so I’m not experiencing any issues with slow speeds when Mozy works. And that’s the problem. My log file is filled with connection errors during the backup process. There is no rhyme or reason to why this is happening. I’m able to browse the internet fine when Mozy gets these connection errors. I’m guessing it’s going to take me twice as long to upload my data since the backup is constantly stopping and waiting 5 mins before restarting.

  • Mojo Yugen

    While I’m ok with the upload speed (given the price) what I’d really like is the ability to prioritize directories for backup.
    For example, I have three major file types I want to back up: Documents, Photos and Music. Each of these are stored in their own directory. What I’d love to be able to do in Mozy is set my Documents folder to priority 1, photos to priority 2 and music to priority 3. Mozy would then only back up my music if all the files in the higher priority folders were backed up.
    This would go a LONG way to making me a very happy Mozy customer.

  • LN

    Hi guys,

    What about the idea of snail mail? Hear me out.

    The first time you go to upload, rather than uploading your backup set to Mozy via the internet, Mozy offers the option to save the backup set on an external drive. The external drive is then sent to Mozy by post. You can charge a fee for the service. Mozy places this first backup set online, and from there on, it’s nothing but incremental updates that have to be sent over the internet.

    This would be great here in Canada, where total bandwidth caps of 60GB/month are not uncommon. In fact, where I live, the largest total bandwidth cap available from any provider (DSL or cable) is 100GB/month. So, for instance, to upload JD’s backup set with my internet provider, it would take 5 months of my TOTAL bandwidth to upload.

    Give it a thought, would you? I think it would be a great option for your users.

  • Marcus

    An image is worth a thousand words:

    I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to upload that much data, but once I realized that I could stop and resume the backup process without losing progress, I rested my fears and waited. The full initial backup took almost two weeks to complete, but the peace of mind I now have is priceless.

  • Kevin Blackham

    There used to be a limit on MozyHome upload speed but that is gone. However, due to the way TCP works, some computers – mainly Windows – need to be tweaked to realize the full potential. We are also looking into clever ways to work around the standard TCP behavior.

    For the network geeks reading this, I’m talking about window scaling.

  • Steve Mayall

    I have been a Mozy Pro customer for a couple of years. After the service stopped working about 10 months ago we switched to hard drive backup with offsite backup once a week. It works fine. Mozy Pro didn’t.
    But what has really annoyed me – and the reason that I’m posting to this blog – is that Mozy automatically billed my credit card for another year. And then have repeatedly ignored all of my attempts to get a refund. Literally ignored me every single time.

    Be careful. These guys are less than perfect..

  • DB Reiff

    Mozy works well until it doesn’t. Then, heaven help you.

    When my hard drive started looking like it would need to be replaced I had an online chat with a Mozy tech who did not understand the most basic questions.
    Then, when my backup stopped working, after the hard drive issues was resolved, I emailed tech support three time in three days supplying the error code and Mozy log with zero response.
    Hope this gets some attention and I get a response.

  • Keith

    Gregory had mentioned that there is a 5mbps upload speed cap.

    In my experience, it’s much lower than that. The fastest I have seen uploads are around 1.8mbps or so. So maybe a 2mbps upload cap.

    They told me a year or so ago that it was a 1mbps cap, but a lot of people complained (and still are, I think), so they might have bumped to 2mbps.

    I have 20/5 mbps service, and routinely push 5mbps up to a variety of online services.


  • Ryan Kearney

    @JD Says “I’m currently in the process of uploading 300GBs of data. I have blazing fast internet with up to 6GBs upload speed so I’m not experiencing any issues with slow speeds when Mozy works.”

    That works out to just under 50,000 mbit/s, which is faster than major ISP’s backbones.

    You have no idea what you’re talking about do you.

  • J

    I don’t know, but as of July 13th 2009 backups are super slow. I’m still in the initial backup of my 800gb of data. 200gb in 10days, 20gb in the last four days. Most of the time Mozy is busy communicating with the servers, send a few bytes every minute, and maybe every 15min its sends a file… little bit disappointing actually.

    And its 100% no my ISP, I can upload while mozy is sleeping at full speed for hours…

  • Lyndon Hughey

    I’m having the same problem. I’m trying to upload 180G of data, and although the service has been running for about 4 days, its only uploaded about 25G of data. I’ve got another 12 days or so to get my initial backup. I’ve got a 40/5 mbps internet service and a fast computer (for the encoding) so its not my side. I’m disappointed that the backup is taking this long.

    Speakeasy speedtest
    Last Result:
    Download Speed: 40981 kbps (5122.6 KB/sec transfer rate)
    Upload Speed: 4477 kbps (559.6 KB/sec transfer rate)

  • greg lee

    my macbook seem so slow now and I don’t even think mozy is backing up right now? The lag in typing is painful, anything I can do or am doing wrong?

    I’ve only backed up 13gb so far and haven’t started on my photos!

    Please advise, I don’t want to uninstall since I already paid for this but am not satisfied.


  • nate

    greg – the issue you’re experiencing is a bug in the current Mac version. We’re right on the verge of releasing a new version that should take care of the issue. In the meantime, send me an email at nate at mozy dot com, and I can see about getting you on the latest beta version.

  • Britton

    I also am experiencing bandthwidth capping at what appears to be about 3.0Mbps. When I first started my initial backup, I had about 600GB of data to backup and Mozy was creeping along at 1.0Mbps!! My server was at home and I was running on Comcast shared internet access for my apartment complex. I called Comcast and they spilled the beans and told me how they cap upload to 1.0Mbps for anything other than http protocol (and we’re not talking just port 80 here — I have done tests). So I took my server down to my job site (I’m an IT guy) and plugged it into our amazing connection which is 20Mbps UP & DOWN. Mozy has yet to have a transfer rate over 3.0Mbps. I know that Mozy is capping it because it just sits constantly at the peak rate of 2.8-3.0Mbps.

    I have been backing up for 3 solid weeks now and all I have to show is 200GB of backed-up data.

  • nate

    I can safely say that we’re not capping upload speeds to 3 Mbps. I’m not quite sure why you’re not getting faster uploads, because I know our pipes can handle it. I’ll investigate.

  • Robert Swirsky

    MOZY STOPPED WORKING FOR ME about 3 weeks ago. I haven’t been able to get a successful backup since.

    I have tried:


    DELETING MY BACKUP FROM THE MOZY SERVER with the web admin tool and starting again.


    The application says “RETICULATING SPLINES” for a few hours, and then quits.

  • Blair

    Apparently I’m not the only experiencing issues with the service. I’ve just spent three consecutive days uploading at a rate of 0.0Mbs. At one point, I couldn’t even connect to support site. (The “sales pitch” site stayed accessible at all times.)

    Is there a system status page available somewhere so I can know when Mozy is down?

  • Cynthia

    Wow, I wish my initial upload would go as fast as what some of you are mentioning as slow. I’ve been running this for 14 days non stop and it has only uploaded about 30GB so far. Am I missing something??

  • Larry Allhands

    For those of you experiencing slow backup initial speeds with a 6 Mbps Internet connection, make sure you are not on an asymetrical link (A link with a slower uplink speed than downlink speed). You can verify your maximum up/down speeds with a simple speed check like For those of you with an asymetrical connection, your initial backup will take a long time, but your restore and daily or weekly backups should be quick!

  • Paul

    @ Robert Swirsky:

    I’ve been doing a little research on your particular issue and one possible solution is to change the Mozy Temp directory to a partition with more free disc space. Do you happen to be getting any “FileSystem3″ errors? Perhaps your HDD is simply getting full, which would explain why your other resolution attempts didn’t work. Hope this helps.


  • AG

    I’m backing up 44.6.GB according to the Mozy client.
    I am on a high speed cable link cf supporting 15/5 and has been tested.
    The first preconfigured backup went fine – since the free backup amount of storage would not even accomodate my mail files I thought I’d purchase the product on a multi year multiple computer purchase.

    Throughput is running 850kbits / Throttiling is off in theclient.
    I’ve e-mailed support but gotten no response – someone at EMC want to respond as I’ve set up new temp/tmp directories and have hundreds of GB free per drive.

  • bret

    It is nice to see the upload speed cap lifted on Mozy, because I have >350GB backed up. Took a while a 1 Mbps!

    I have to say, though, that when I replaced a hard drive Mozy did not go into recovery mode, but instead thought that I had deleted all of my files and thus proceeded to do the same from their servers! The tech support didn’t have a clue as to what I was talking about. They said, “Yes, you only have 250 GB backed up. What is the problem”. Uh, guys, like I had 350 GB backed up yesterday? And that I want that data back…. besides, who deletes 85000 files on purpose? I still use Mozy, but it is certainly a backup of last resort. I can’t trust it otherwise. (And just FYI, all the other online backup services do the same stupid thing when you replace a hard drive.)

  • Mark Jackson


    As you have already acknowledged, most people have limited upstream bandwidth. Most people also have stuff that is way more important than their other stuff. I have stuff that NEEDS BACKED UP DAILY!!! I can’t just wait around for the whole lump sum to get backed up.


  • Paul

    ATTN: Mark Jackson

    Are you serious? Ever heard of incremental backups? The initial Mozy backup backs up everything (in an order out of your control) BUT every backup after that is incremental, meaning that it will only backup the data that’s changed (i.e. your “stuff that NEEDS BACKED UP DAILY!!!”). If your precious data is really that important, don’t backup a bunch of crap to go along with the initial backup.

    In short, you are incorrect in assuming that the “whole lump sum” gets backed up again each time you run a backup. Mozy will always scan the files configured in the backup set, but will only backup new/modified data.

  • Matt

    Is anyone out there able to get upload speeds > 5mbps? I have a 25/15 FiOS connection, but my uploads seem to stay constant right at 5.

  • Beau

    i checked this blog after worrying about my downloading speed, but when i read the comments about people losing their saved data i got a little worried about that instead. so what do i do when my hard drive crashes and i want to upload my saved data to a new hard drive? do i have to do something in particular to keep mozy from thinking i’ve deleted my files and proceeding to do the same with my storage? also, in the near future i’d like to be able to connect two separate lap tops to mozy and be able to interact with my data that way? is that possible? thank you for your time.

  • Bryan

    What about backing up several terabytes of data, I recently heard of a podcast that uses this service & they produce about 1TB of data per season, If something catastrophic happens & they lose all of that data is there an option to have Dvd’s or other tangible media sent. Downloading all of that would take forever. I ask because I may need to backup a few terabytes off site soon.

  • nate

    @Beau – Here’s our instructions for migrating your data from one computer (or hard drive) to another –
    As for your question about connecting two computers via Mozy, if you add two or more computers to the same account, when you log into the web interface, you should be able to see the data from all the computers, and restore any of it, regardless of which computer you’re using.

    @Bryan – We do use DVD/HD restores. It costs extra, but we’ll put your restore on a hard media and overnight it to you. You can choose that option through the web restore panel on

  • Horst

    Reason why i use MOZY-Home in Germany my speed for upload is max.6GB per Day since 12.2008 with Mac-Mini
    and now the reasons: (in German) :-(
    für mich zählen folgende Gründe :
    1.günstiger als HD’s,DVD’s,CD’s
    2.kein Stomverbrauch
    3.keine Geräusche
    4.kein Problem bei Diebstahl, Hausbrand, Erdbeben , Überschwemmungen, …
    5.sicherer als Onlinebanking und e-mail (blowfish/ssl/aes)
    6.Diebstahlschutz (wenn der Dieb nicht mitbekommt das mozy läuft)
    7.z.b. Dateinamen änderbar ohne eine Neuübertragung die Zukunft(Cloud Computing) selber kommt von überall in der Welt an seine eigenen Daten ran
    11.versch. Sicherungsstände (wie eben TM) nur unendlich in die Vergangenheit rein
    12.verteilte Sicherung weltweit(ähnlich Google)
    13.schneller Restore (per DVD’s oder HD) in 3-5Tagen oder online=sofort
    14.sicherungsmediensicherheit warsten sinne “ruhigeres schlafen”
    16.keine HD,DVD,CD Entsorgung
    17.schnell genug (6GB am Tag) oder wer von euch beschreibt am Tag 2DVD’s mit neuen Daten
    18.super Support (eigene Erfahrung)
    19.keine sicherundsaufgaben wie HD’,… irgendwo hinbringen ect.
    20.die sicherung läuft wirklich online = sofort
    21.komfortable einstellmöglichkeiten bez CPU-Last, Scheduler, DSL-linesplitting
    22. keine 12er-Steckdosenleiste
    23. läuft vollkommen automatisch (sichtbar oder unsichtbar) am besten mit TM zusammen !

  • Matt

    Something is throttling back mozy for me too. My upload speed with Comcast (confirmed with speakeasy tests) is 3Mbs – mozy is running at 100kbps – but in the past has run about 2.1Mbs. Seems like the past week it hasn’t gotten over 200kbps. I’ve restarted and reset my computer, router, and modem. I don’t have any other significant load on the network.

    So, seems like either comcast or mozy is throttling me back.

  • Chris

    I used Mozy for a couple of years before leaving to do it myself last year. Turns out I did save about $60, but the constant pain of switching out usb hard drives, keeping one offsite, etc., wasn’t worth it at all. I re-joined Mozy last week & am in the process of my initial 100gb backup.

    I use the fileset tab to select (prioritize) which files get backed up first. I select about 10gb worth of files & let it run in the background for a couple of days. Then I select the next most important 10gb, etc. I expect the process to take about 3 weeks for my full initial backup, afterwhich I’ll have short, easy, daily incremental backups.

    I’m pulling upload speeds of approx 2.0mbps at home and 5-7mbps at my office, for what it’s worth.

  • Duncan

    Hi – for some reason Mozy keeps on “resetting” and I have had to reupload the initial backup sets many times now – it would be great if it only had to upload changed files but it doesnt happen for me. A few times it has reached a “finished” point but days later I have to start all over – any ideas? Right now it is backing up 67GB and I dont even know where it got that figure – I didnt add 67GB of new data and my total backup is over 100GB. Frustrating…

  • Andy

    The problem I found with backing up up a large data set is related to the fact I have 2 external USB hard dries I use for overflow storage. The backup speed itself was not a problem but if Mozy runs without the USB drives enabled it recalculates all the backup which takes forever – then run it with the USB disks switched on and it recalculates the back up set again.
    I found myself waiting for Mozy to start the data transfer over and over again – due to the fact I’m using a lap top that is often unplugged from the USB disks. Frequently it never started a backup properly before I had to shut down and move and then of course it restarted the whole recalculation process over again.

    On a second note – I’m having trouble with the backup “flooding” my broadband connection – I have 2 VoIP phones in the office and when Mozy is running the sound quality is badly distorted – I’ve tried setting bandwidth throttling – I limited the bandwidth to 500 kbps on a 1Mbps up-link and I’m still getting the distortion on VoIP traffic. Obviously the lower I set the bandwidth limit the longer my backups will take to run, and setting the bandwidth limit to 1/2 my up-link speed does not appear to be aggressive enough to resolve the problem.

  • Joe P

    I just want to say I’m having no problems and backing up just fine. I leave it on all night, shut it down during the day and after the initial 46gb, i can rest easy knowing it’s saved somewhere else.

    For prioritization, I backed up my important stuff first and when that 6 or 7gb was done, i setup the rest. and it worked through that in about a week.

  • Peter P

    The speed throttling on MozyHome is still there far as I can tell, at least for Mac. I consistently get around 1.8 – 1.9 Mbps *per connection* to Mozy, regardless of number of connections or other traffic on the connection. i.e. regardless if only one or both my Macs is uploading to Mozy, and regardless if I am posting videos to Youtube or whatever at the same time (at far higher speeds), each Mozy upload is always 1.8-1.9 Mbps. That’s either throttling or a constant high traffic condition on the server’s inbound, but throttling’s more likely judging from the *stable & consistent* slow upload speed over hours regardless of other conditions. Not sure why Mozy does this, sure it’s a background backup but it’s a bit of a pain when you’re doing a laptop initial backup and have to leave it that long… PS my last leg is 1Gbps down/up FTTH (in Japan) so bottlenecks are usually elsewhere on the network.

  • Ash

    I am using MozyHome – I signed up for the service earlier this week after trying Carbonite for a week. I am still impressed with Mozy software and service – great work folks! I ran into many issues with Carbonite software and service right on the first day, and have not run into any issues with Mozy until now which is positive news.

    The upload speeds are perfect for incremental upload, but is slow for initial upload and would be NICE if I could tune this speed so that initial upload finishes soon. At this rate, I am guessing my initial upload will finish after a week or even two.

    I am using windows 7 on a fast computer, and my ISP is comcast. My comcast upload speeds are around 8MB range (as per speed test), but the upload speeds to different places in the US vary significantly (tested using due to internet infrastructure.

    I am getting a upload speeds of 2MB when uploading to Mozy servers. However, I am not sure if this speed reduction is due to Mozy or due to the Internet infrastructure in between the Mozy client and Mozy servers.

    1. Does anyone know where the Mozy upload servers are located, and can we find out which specific server does Mozy client select (nearest (fastest connection) one I hope).

    2. In the real-time traffic monitoring graphs on my home router, I see that data transfer goes to 5MB per second in spurts, and stops for a few seconds and then restarts; and then the average comes down to 2MB per second. These breaks reduce the upload speed. I am guessing either windows or mozy client needs to be tuned so that the response to throttling is handled smoothly – if data transfer can happen without spurts, then the throughput should increase further.

  • Paul

    I agree with the lack of parallel encoding / upload issues mentioned above. All very annoying when transferring large files.
    I actually have a different issue though which I don’t understand as it goes against what the documentation and others above have indicated.
    I am trying to upload 4 x 10gb files. The issue is more that everytime I reboot it removes all the temporary Mozy files from my TEMP directory and then starts the encoding all over again. Then the upload starts from scratch. I thought it remembered where the upload had got to and started from there. I have Mozy Pro.
    Any ideas?

  • AP

    my computer was recently (january 18th) infected with some pretty serious malware and after hours and hours of struggling with everything that i could throw at it i decided to restore my hard drive from an external drive that had a backup from january 15th.

    i back up with mozy every day and would like to only restore the files that were backed up to mozy on january 16th and 17th. the history feature of the mozy remote backup client is great for viewing exactly what i need. however, since i restored from a backup from january 15th, the mozy history for the 16th and 17th is missing.

    i’ve tried mozy’s web restore feature, but i can’t seem to view a history of backed up files by date. i have over 50gb of files with mozy and am struggling to piece together what i’m missing.

    any suggestions?

  • Monty

    I’ve had mozy for just about a week now, and am in the process of backing up about 80GB of important data. I have no trouble maxing my upstream speed of nearly 1.5mbits. But I did a restore recently to make sure I’d get decent downstream speeds and when downloading the resulting zip file from the web restore I was shocked to see I was only getting barely 1.1Mbits down. The client restoring a single file was worse at just 891 kilobits/second. My line is capable of 15 megabits/second, so since I’m in California, fairly close to the Mozy servers that I believe are based in Utah, I’m not understanding why I don’t get better downstream speeds! I did another test web restore and downloaded from a high speed server connected to a 1 gigabit link to the internet in Texas, and was only able to download at 1.7 megabytes/second on that line which is what I should’ve gotten on my 15 meg line here at home. Does anyone get decent speeds from Mozy when restoring data?

  • Marco

    Restoring is very slow. It took us a few days to restore 45Gb with a 20Mb/s adsl line.

  • Rudi

    I am in the process of backing up about 20GB; I have a cablemodem with (bandwidthplace measured) upload speed of about 1.7Mb/sec. Most of the time backing up (MacPro) I’m getting about 55Kb/sec (as measured by Mozy’s status window), or somewhere around 3-4% of the available bandwidth.

    I have the bandwidth limit throttline set to Max.

    It’s going to take days and days.

    Also, the very first time, it showed an error message that it could not connect, then the History window told me the backup was successful: all 19.1 GB backed up in 2 minutes 33 seconds, 1 file of 5.0KB was sent up. Subsequent backups are working at it but going very slowly (130,000 files total, I’m about halfway there after four days).

    It’s sending up fragments in 530 byte sizes… seems rather inefficient to me.

    …and I’m a paid (home) subscriber.

    Is there a way to speed this up?

  • Rudi

    I’ve had mozy just one week and was experiencing wide swings in the upload speed when backing up the first time. While investigating I believe it has to do with the size of the file that’s being uploaded (I’m on a mac using Mac OS X 10.5). When it was backing up my emails (113,000 files averaging about 1K) I was getting about 50Kb/sec, sometimes as little as 3Kb/sec. Bandwidthplace measured the upload speed as 1.8Mb/sec. Now that I’m backing up some podcasts (average size 3Mb) I’m getting 350-400Kb/sec.

    There appears to be some overhead per file that is significant compared to the time it takes to upload a very small file but much less so for large files. Turning on debug info in the log shows that each file is split into fragments to upload, and for small files the fragments can be as little as 350 bytes! For large files the fragments seem to vary, I’ve seen up to 800K bytes in one.

    If you have lots and lots of small files, how about zipping them up first them backing the archive up? I’m thinking of doing that with my email (since I can unzip it if I have to restore it). I removed backup of some folders in my email (111K of the 113K) and it finished the rest in an hour, now I’m getting much faster upload.

  • Rudi

    Quick update: I’m now getting 1.6Mb/sec upload speed with even larger files, pretty close to the measured maximum my ISP gives me.

  • Mags

    A previous poster (comment #26 from bret) mentioned that if you replace an external hard (F: in my case) drive which has been backed up to Mozy, you will loose that data, thinking that you have deleted it and no longer need it! What’s the point in backing up if Mozy makes assumptions on what I want to keep or not?

    Mozy, please answer this now: is this true?

    Should my 500GB external drive fail and I’m no longer able to connect it, are you then deleting this data just because the F: drive is not visible on my PC system anymore?

  • Jan

    I haven’t been able to run a backup for over 30 days now. Always encountering some kind of error after another. I’ve contacted tech support only to get one canned response after another from different technicians. Doesn’t anyone in Mozy Support read what the previous person suggested as a solution and didn’t work? No one in tech support is really reading what I am telling them what the problem is. I just keep being told that Mozy experienced errors last week and to reboot and rerun a backup and all will be well. Guess again! I’ve tried that multiple times as well as reinstalling their program, exactly following their step-by-step directions, except that didn’t work either because I ran into errors while doing that. And when I email them describing what error I encountered upon trying to reinstall I get their canned answer to “reboot and rerun and it will work”……….NO IT DOESN’T. I’m tired of this. I want Mozy to fix the problem (yes, I’ve submitted all the error logs to tech support) or just refund me my money. At this point in time Mozy is doing me no good at all. I’m a very dissatisified customer right now.

  • Rudi H.

    My backup had few moments when it ran as fast as 2mbits/second but for the last few days it’s been running at around 100kb/second. As I’m writing this it just jumped up to 4.4 Mbits for a few seconds before settling back down to around 100kbit/sec. At first I thought it was my internet connection but after testing it that clearly doesn’t explain it. I consistently get at least 750kbit/sec on tests and can get as high as 5mbit/sec. Not sure if I’m going to continue with the service past my first month, not looking that attractive right now….